The Subsidized Bombers

There is no single story that better encapsulates Obama’s America than the case of the subsidized bombers.

Two members of the Missouri New Black Panthers who plotted to blow up the Ferguson Police Station, but were unable to because they ran out of money on their EBT card.

On the one hand there isn’t a single thing funny about this.

On the other hand, it is so outlandish one has to laugh.

In Obama’s America, even terrorist activity needs a little boost from the Entitlement State.

One can’t help but wonder at how low we have sunk when people are even too lazy to work for the funding necessary to bankroll their own terrorist activities.

But there you have it.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwan Davis were the lack-of-brains behind this operation.

In April, 2015, they were indicted for conspiracy to “maliciously damage and destroy a building, vehicle and other property with explosives and the illegal purchase of firearms.”

This past week, the dynamic duo admitted in court that their grand plans to blow up the Ferguson Police station and murder St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch hit a snag when they discovered their EBT card didn’t have enough money to cover the costs.

What little money they did cobble together went into the hands of an undercover federal agent whom they believed was selling them three pipe bombs.

It would have been cheaper just to buy the materials to assemble the pipe bombs themselves than to buy them “pre-made.” But given the fact these two do not have the cerebral wattage necessary to power an Easy Bake Oven let alone assemble a pipe bomb, my guess is Brandon and Olajuwan would have blown themselves to bits during assembly.

There’s “evil geniuses.”

Then there’s these two brain trusts.

Honestly, if all criminals were this stupid, the crime rate in America would be infinitesimal.

Hat tip the Gateway Pundit.

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