The Tweetfather

“I made him a hashtag he couldn’t refuse.”

If you ever wondered what it would have been like if Vito Corleone had a Twitter account, I think we now know.

Not since Alec Baldwin lost all sense of reason has a celebrity made the most of 140 characters when it comes to public meltdowns.

Donald Trump is the Tweetfather. Rather than sending out surrogates to get their hands dirty on his behalf, Don Trumpione takes to the Twitter to fling his own feces like a gorilla in the zoo.

The Tweetfather

And heaven help us if he discovers emoticons!

He could teach Cher a thing or two.

I think the two things that would elevate the discourse of the 2016 Presidential campaign would be taking the booze away from Hillary and canceling Donald’s Twitter account.

Last summer, I posited that the only thing that could damage Donald Trump would be, well, Donald Trump.

I just don’t think it’s necessary to try and take Trump out.
He’ll do that for us.
You want to know how Trump will disqualify himself from the race?
By being Trump.
When you are a cocky blowhard, you always tend to shoot yourself in the head because you can’t shut up. When you believe that every word out of your mouth is the last word on any subject, you’ll just keep talking.
Eventually, he’ll wear out his welcome.

Well, it’s taken seven months, but I think it’s starting to happen. The juvenile antics on Twitter, the endless half-baked tirades. Trump may not be losing any of his current support, but he’s making himself downright repugnant to the two-thirds of Republican voters who do not support him.

And when this field begins to shrink, and those 65 to 67% of Republican primary voters have to solidify behind one of the remaining candidates, all this ludicrous and childish buffoonery will probably result in those voters looking to support anybody but Trump.

Today, Hank Berrien over at the Daily Wire reminded everyone that back in August, in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the Tweetfather said, “I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine because I want to win … I am a whiner. I keep whining and whining until I win.”

Well, the whining has been replaced with strident, unhinged tweeting and nasty, boorish, Democrat-like attacks.

While everyone loves a winner, most people are turned off by an unhinged whiner.

And that’s pretty much what the Tweetfather has become.

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3 thoughts on “The Tweetfather

  • January 26, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    He is a TOAD! It all sounds like Day Job Pooo, or something. Was that unhinged? I say we should have some fun with it. Dang, how many more months of this can we endure. Crap, is that whinning too? Pass the Jack, let’s get this party started. Seriously Dianny, me thinks you nailed it again! TrusTED Cruz, 2016 yawl!

  • January 26, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Hillary knew The Tweetfather meant business when she woke up with a horse’s ass in her bed.

  • January 27, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Dianny you have a great amount of outstanding work here. I just read the “Why We Remember” from Memorial Day 2015. That was another SPOT ON post and obviously something you feel very stongly about. I especially enjoyed the last lines of Flander’s Field. You are right! Who, if not we the people, will remember these human tragedies? Who, if not we, will carry the torch of freedom? has a political cartoon of wonderment, on how this could happen again if we are not wise. It really is all related, string theory or something. Have a great day!

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