The waning enthusiasm

Anybody else noticing the waning enthusiasm among Republican voters? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that there is a rising chorus of “let’s just get this over with!” brewing out there. The very things we craved at the start of this election season are the things that are making us dread the rest of this election season.

The waning enthusiasm

As Americans we seem to be stuck in a no-win situation. On the one hand, we complain that in previous primary elections, our choices were limited and, often by the time the later states have an opportunity to go to the polls on their primary day, it is already a fait accompli who the nominee will be, therefore their votes are nothing more than a formality.

As a New Yorker, I can tell you for a fact that we enjoyed not just being an afterthought this year.

For the first time in quite a while — perhaps in my voting lifetime — the Republican primary is still a horse-race making traditionally late states crucial to its outcome. Sure, Ted Cruz is mathematically unable to secure the majority of delegates prior to the convention. But at the same time, the frontrunner is not a lock to do that either.

We’re getting what we always wanted: The opportunity to have the votes and the decisions of every single primary and caucus matter.

I guess this just goes to show that the old expression “be careful what you wish for” has some merit.

Because despite the fact that late primaries actually will have an impact on the final result of this primary season, voters are beginning to grumble. The people who have decided to yell “UNCLE!” and simply declare that we must all unite behind the frontrunner have been increasing in volume.

The truth is, deciding to run for President is a lot like deciding to run a marathon. If you have the stamina to go the entire 26 miles, then just keep running. Those last five miles may be tough going, but just keep pushing yourself.

What’s happening now is some people want to stop the race at 19 miles and say, “Okay. Who is in the lead now? Let’s just end this thing, okay?! For heaven’s sake. Enough’s enough!”

But unlike a marathon, a Presidential primary season requires stamina on both the part of the candidates and the part of the people. The democratic process isn’t quick like a bunny. It takes time. Sure, forty states have already voted, but ten have not. To have the voters in the other forty states declare the voters in the last ten have to call the race before they even vote isn’t out of meanness.

They’re just bored.

They just want it over.

The enthusiasm has begun to wane and they’ve lost the wherewithal to continue the race.

Suddenly, they’re asking themselves, “Why the hell did we want a competitive race?! It’s taking too long!!!!

True, “Let’s just get this over with” isn’t nearly as snappy a slogan as “Make America Great Again,” but there you have it.

Waning Enthusiasm

This eagerness to get it over with has resulted in demands that all Republican voters just unite behind the frontrunner and screw the rest of the primaries.

When you have a frontrunner who is deeply unpopular with the majority of voters, this is bound to happen.

I find it rather odd that Trump supporters who have been very vocal in their outrage over what they perceive as “disenfranchising voters” would be so quick to disenfranchise the voters of the final primary states. Odd, but not surprising.

This whole miasma has taken the shine off the idea of a competitive race, and as a result the enthusiasm is waning.

Could it be that there is some concern that the final states may not go in Trump’s favor delegate-wise? Maybe. I’m sure there is some fear that states who have never had the chance to be consequential also makes those states completely unpredictable. For some Trump supporters, though foreign policy should be unpredictable, primaries should not.

But this is what we wanted, wasn’t it?

We wanted to avoid the “coronation” effect we believe we experienced in 2008 and in 2012. We wanted our voices heard — not just the voices of a the big early primary states, but everyone’s. We were excited, enthusiastic and charged up at the thought of it.

But the reality of it?

Not so much.

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    It beats “Make America Mexican Again”.

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    As an Independent, it`s not over till election day.

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