There’s only one statement the Fake News wants to hear from President Trump

Trump Monday statement

Yesterday, President Trump once again condemned the violence he condemned Saturday afternoon.

As I said on Sunday, President Trump’s first statement was pitch perfect.

He didn’t use his statement to further divide Americans. Instead, he called out the violence that has been plaguing this country for years. And he urged us to come together.

Likewise, yesterday’s statement did the same.

But of course the media could only find fault with every word he said.

But here’s the truth. Even if on Saturday, Trump had said exactly what these assholes wanted, they still would have found reasons to complain.

And here’s why.

There is only one statement they want to hear from Donald Trump.

And that’s an announcement that he is resigning.

Nothing else will ever satisfy these hateful cretins.

Their objective has been the same since November 9, 2016: to destroy his Presidency and to drive him out of office.

At least President Trump knows that these hateful cretins will never be satisfied.

The truth is, they don’t give a damn about the death Heather Heyer.

And they really don’t believe that President Trump and his voters are white supremacists.

They know they’re peddling lies.

They’re peddling those lies with one goal in mind: to force Trump out.

And with the Russia narrative falling apart, they need to shift gears.

So they are exploiting the death of Heather Heyer to paint this President and his supporters jackbooted Nazis and white supremacist Klansmen.

The only threat to our democratic process is coming from the Enslaved Press.

And nothing – not libel, slander, cities burned to the ground, lives destroyed – nothing is off the table in their mission to overthrow the democratically-elected President of the United States.

They don’t care how much damage they cause to this nation or to its people. And they will stop at nothing – even if that means fanning the flames of insurrection, or sowing seeds of hate, division and fear.

It really is contemptible.

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One thought on “There’s only one statement the Fake News wants to hear from President Trump

  • August 15, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    The media is just angry that the russian Story is dead. So they are going to paint him as a Nazi. When that fails they’re going to complain that he likes two scoops of ice cream

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