The Theresienstadt-Style Propaganda of CNN

We’re living in a time when knowing history really comes in handy.

For all the twaddle about Donald Trump being Hitler and his supporters being Nazis, real life just isn’t meeting up with that narrative, is it?

In fact, if anybody seems to be emulating the Third Reich, it’s our Enslaved Press.

And yesterday, we got a one hell of an example of that.

I’m sure you’ve seen the countless reports of CNN staging an Anti-ISIS protest by British Muslims.

Sadly for CNN, the entire bit of propaganda was filmed by a Londoner who goes by @markantro on Twitter.

His “behind the scenes” video has gone internationally viral.

And you can see why.

Have you ever seen anything so unbelievably fabricated in your entire life?

The video speaks for itself.

These so-called “journalists” stage a scene that is straight out of the German’s propaganda handbook.

Honestly, I’ve watched this video a half dozen times and I still can’t believe this is happening in the twenty-first century.

It’s so seventy-three years ago.

Back in 1944, when the world became aware of what Nazi Germany was doing to Jews in Europe, the Germans – who were masters at propaganda – invited the International Red Cross to visit Theresienstadt.

This Jewish ghetto in German-occupied Czechoslovakia was a waystation for European Jews awaiting deportation to labor camps or concentration camps in Poland, Belorussia and the Baltic States.

But in June 1944, in anticipation of the Red Cross visit, the Germans spruced up the place.

They planted flowers and shrubs, painted and renovated the buildings and barracks – gave the whole camp a makeover. No expense was spared in this “beautification” project.

And the day the Red Cross arrived, they staged faux “cultural events” where the Jewish inmates played the happy residents of the Paradise Ghetto.


As soon as it was over, and the Red Cross dignitaries were long gone, the Germans resumed the deportations to death camps.

I watch that silly concocted “news story” and can’t help but think about Theresienstadt – the Paradise Ghetto.

Like the Germans in 1944, today’s propaganda outfits will go to any length to advance their shiny, happy phony narrative.

CNN’s credibility was already in the toilet.

And just when we thought they couldn’t get any more biased, CNN does this.

It really is obscenely mind-boggling.

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