This is a witch hunt

Witch Hunt

I know I’m probably stating the obvious by saying what the Democrats and the media are doing to Brett Kavanaugh is a witch hunt.

But I’m stating it anyway.

There used to be the notion of innocent until proven guilty here in our Constitutional Republic.

Now, I don’t expect the rabid Left to give a crap about due process.

But for some hairbrained reason, I did expect members of the United States Senate to care.

After all, they swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. And the right to due process is codified within it.

Once upon a time, the saying was “It is better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man suffers.”

But today, in the #MeToo Witch Hunt era that has changed.

Now, for the #MeToo hags, innocent until proven guilty has no place in their so-called quest for “justice.” It is better than an innocent man suffer.

The Left’s disdain is perfectly summed up in this tweet from 2017:

Sadly, that’s not “an unpopular opinion.” That is precisely what the Left believes.

And it is the foundation of the #MeToo Witch Hunt.

Now, it’s one thing for lunatic Leftists like this Emily Lindin of “Teen Vogue” to jettison due process. She’s never sworn any oath to uphold and defend our Constitution.

But now the Constitutional right of innocent until proven guilty is being jettisoned by members of the United States Senate.

For Senate Democrats, that old saying could be reworked this way: It is better that one innocent man suffer than eight Democrats lose their Senate seats in the Midterms.

The #MeToo witch hunt was already weaponized.

The Democrats in the Senate are exploiting that weapon for electoral advantage.

When a member of the so-called “World’s Most Deliberative Body” actually states before television cameras that Brett Kavanaugh must be guilty because he isn’t demanding yet another FBI investigation into himself, there is no presumption of innocence.

But that’s precisely what Senator Kirsten Gillibrand stated just yesterday.

Her reasons for declaring Kavanaugh guilty without due process is that someone who do NOT ask for an FBI investigation MUST be guilty.

Gillibrand stood in front of a microphone and declared, “Who is not asking the FBI to investigate these claims? The White House. Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI to review these claims. Is that the reaction of an innocent person? It is not.”

What unmitigated bullshit.

It’s obscene that a sitting Senator would have so little regard for the rights of an American citizen who is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

But there’s an election to win.

And like every other Democrat, Gillibrand is willing to deprive an innocent man of due process if it helps the Democrats win in November.

Anyone who would show such disdain for the rights of Americans has no business being in the United States Senate.

This goes beyond smearing one man.

The Kavanaugh witch hunt has larger implications.

Democrats are openly, happily crapping on the very foundation of our system of justice and our Constitutionally protected rights.

Because Justice and the Constitution mean nothing to them.

All that matters is power.

If Kirsten Gillibrand has to slander, smear and destroy one innocent man to claw and scratch her way to power, then she’ll do it with a song in her heart.

And the flying monkeys on the Left as well as the fetid media will eagerly applaud and parrot her disgusting behavior.

There’s just one problem.

Americans by and large have a strong sense of fairness and justice.

Bottom line? We don’t like witch hunts. And this is a witch hunt.

Normal Americans don’t like what elected Democrats are doing.

But just like in 2016, the Democrats are so out of touch with the people of this country that they don’t realize that this non-stop smear campaign and the over-the-top histrionics are starting to piss us off.

Of course it doesn’t help that this accuser is placing unrealistic demands on her so-called “testimony.” That alone is making her look like a political operative and not a “victim.”

The Democrats’ disdain for our rights and our system of justice is laid bare before us. And it is an ugly, ugly thing to behold.

Gillibrand, Hirono, Chuck Schumer and the rest of these despicable people should be ashamed.

But they’re not.

Because when it comes to clinging to political power, Democrats are shameless.

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9 thoughts on “This is a witch hunt

  • September 21, 2018 at 11:50 am

    Unfortunately too many RINO’s will cave,,,,,,without bringing up Ellison or billy boy who really were guilty…the libtards see us as slaves, we produce, they consume, and how dare we try to believe otherwise,,,,,both of my senators are crap, kaine was cankles running mate, and warner is a seditious treasonous drunk, but that is what northern virginia votes in….I want to leave here but my husband is from here and wants to stay,,,,,makes my blood boil

  • September 21, 2018 at 11:57 am

    And yet, Gillibrand, Hirono, Chuck Schumer, and Feinstein will never lose their Senate seats. Or if they do, it will be to a Social Democrat even further left.

  • September 21, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    “Starting to piss us off”? lol They have never NOT “pissed me off!” Where is the adult in the room, to say, “If you have been assaulted, file the proper charges, in the proper venue, at the proper time!” Wild, baseless, accusations, where you cannot even provide one accurate detail, do not constitute an FBI investigation. Swear out a complaint, go through the system, and let justice run it’s course. (Oh, sorry, the statute of limitations ran out 27 years ago!) Everyone involved in this fiasco, should be charged with false reporting of a crime, and perjury.

    • September 21, 2018 at 1:07 pm

      While it’s true that for some of us, Democrats have pissed us off for a while, in light of the current #WalkAway movement, clearly the Democrats are starting to piss people off who up until the past year or so were not pissed off. Your experience notwithstanding.

  • September 21, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    The republicans either go to war now, fight fire with fire and jam him down the lefties throats ir this country is lost

  • September 21, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    I am constantly amazed at the new details that continue to come out, such as the fact that Diane Feinstein has not turned over the full letter from Ford to the committee.

    The democrats want an investigation and a full and fair hearing, but they continue to sit on information. Grassley needs to tell them to go pound sand.

  • September 21, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    They shouldn’t be ashamed, they should face a firing squad. This lawless crap has got to stop

  • September 22, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    Isn’t there a penalty/price to pay for a Congressperson not keeping the oath he made to uphold the Constitution?

  • September 24, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Why any of what is happening in this situation should be a surprise is beyond me. The Left has never had any scruples, conscience, or regard for a ‘greater good’ beyond their own goals. They will burn this nation, or any other one, to the ground to succeed in their goals. When they do succeed, and are standing amongst the rubble of what they have destroyed, they will be able to smile and know victory. That they are the lords of the desolation will have not the slightest meaning to the few that remain standing

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