Those Klassy Kennedys

As part of their Independence Day celebrations, the Kennedy Klan gathered at their Kape Kod Kompound for a typical Kennedy gathering filled with the Kommon Kennedy activities. You know, like playing katch with a football, kooking some kabobs, and kondescendingly sneering at the kommoners. But this year, they added a new game to their kollection. Beating the living snot out of a Donald Trump piñata. Klassy.

Frankly, I’m surprised they chose a piñata. They do know that it’s filled with kandy, right? It’s not like it’s stuffed with prescription drugs and bottles of fifty-year-old scotch.

That would be the Patrick J. Kennedy Piñata.

No word yet on whether beating the Donald piñata replaced one of the more kommon Kennedy Kontests. You know, like “Drive the girl off the bridge,” or “Pin the neck-brace on Uncle Teddy.”

But it’s about what you should expect from those Klassy Kennedys.


It’s an ugly, ugly thing.

One of the dumber Kennedys — Kathleen — made the mistake of posting a photo of the Donald piñata to her Instagram account.


I know what you’re thinking. There’s a Kennedy smart enough to operate a cell phone camera?!

When outraged kommoners saw the photo and kicked up a stink, Kathleen deleted it — but not before it made the rounds throughout social media.

Could you imagine if the Romney family gathered together on Independence Day and had some fun beating a Hillary piñata? Or playing, “Pin the Indictment on the Pantsuit?” Of course a Hillary piñata doesn’t kontain kandy. Only empty bottles of Grey Goose and some yoga emails.

But still.

The kacophony of outrage koming from every quarter of the Enslaved Press would be deafening.

I’m trying to imagine how the Kennedy Klan would feel if, instead of Idaho, their exclusive Kape Kod getaway was a regular dumping ground for Muslim “refugees.” I wonder how they would feel if Hyannis Port became the destination spot for illegal aliens from Central and South America.

It’s so easy for these Upper-Krusters to feel secure what with their armed security, locked gates and exclusive neighborhoods.

It’s easy to be a Liberal when you are so kompletely protected and secure.

[hat tip Breitbart]

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