Time for Patriot Retort’s Summer Fundraiser!

I’m very blessed to have such supportive readers. And though I hate to pretend I’m PBS and hold the occasional fundraiser, it is somewhat of a necessity if I hope to keep the lights on here.

When I first began PatriotRetort.com in February of 2015, I had a dream of making this site an ad-free site.

And I’ll be honest. Part of that was personal preference.

I hate intrusive website ads. And I’m also not naïve. I know that lots of readers employ ad-blockers to make their web surfing much more enjoyable.

Nobody likes it when adds pop up on a page when you’re in the middle of reading a post.

The truth is, there is only one ad on PatriotRetort.com. And it is for my own business, Dianny Tees. It sits harmlessly in the sidebar as you can see.

But the truth is, no website can operate without any source of income – unless of course the site owner is independently wealthy.

And I’m not. I’m not even independently middle class.

And to make matter worse, over the winter PatriotRetort.com got shut down on three separate occasions due to DDoS attacks.

Clearly there are folks who don’t like what they read here and have decided to try and shut me down.

I’m hardly alone in this. It happens to a lot of us.

The company that hosts my site was prepared to jettison me if I didn’t add the necessary layer of protection against these DDoS attacks.

So in January, I began paying for security to prevent these threats from crashing my site.

And let me tell you. It ain’t cheap. But it’s necessary.

The straight skinny is I want to remain an ad-free site.

So I need your help.

Please consider making a contribution to Patriot Retort during this Summer Fundraiser.

Or, if you prefer, you can sign up to become a monthly (or yearly) subscriber.

Every little bit helps.

Just go to either the DONATE or SUBSCRIBE button in the side bar to make your contribution today.

And for those of you who don’t do online payments, you are welcome to send a check via snail mail to. Make checks payable to either Diann Russell or DiannyTees and send them to:

Thanks everybody!

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Your contributions help keep PatriotRetort.com an ad-free site. Hit DONATE button or the SUBSCRIBE button in the side bar. Even a few bucks can make a world of difference!

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