Time for a trip in the Way-Back Machine

Buckle up, my friends. We’re taking a trip in the Way-Back Machine this morning.

Before we head out, a little background.

I’m sure you heard that Donald Trump is risking war with China by taking a call from the President of Taiwan.

”He’s dangerous!!!”

The reason Liberals are so reckless when it comes to foreign policy is they are so quick to bend to the will of our enemies.

American Liberals make Vichy France look brave.

Given the chronic case of the vapors coming from these limp-wristed dinks, I thought a trip in the Way-Back Machine might be called for.

So, hop in.

Here we go!

Back when Senator Barack Obama was running for President, he wrote a letter secreted through back channels to the mullahs in Tehran.

Now, Obama was not the President-Elect when he did this. He was a first-term Senator running for President.

In his letter, delivered by former Ambassador William G. Miller, Obama wrote to assure the mullahs that he would be a friend of Iran.

Iran. The largest state sponsor of terrorism and an enemy of the United States of America.

Senator Obama told the mullahs he would most likely win the White House and he encouraged them not to open negotiations with the Bush Administration. Instead, he asked them to wait so that they could work with him.

You know. Because he’s a friend of Iran.

This information came to light after former Ambassador Miller confirmed this secret correspondence to foreign policy scholar and expert on Iran, Michael Ladeen.

Back in 2014, Ladeen wrote about this meeting for PJ Media.

In his report, Ladeen wrote:

The central theme in Obama’s outreach to Iran is his conviction that the United States has historically played a wicked role in the Middle East, and that the best things he can do for that part of the world is to limit and withdraw American military might and empower our self-declared enemies, whose hostility to traditional American policies he largely shares.

Now, here are some differences between what Trump did and what Obama did.

Taiwan is an ally of the United States.

Iran is not.

Donald Trump was the duly elected President-elect when he spoke with the President of Taiwan.

Obama was a first-term Senator running for President.

The President of Taiwan phoned Donald Trump who took the call.

Obama initiated contact with Tehran.

President-Elect Trump publicly announced that he had spoken with Taiwan’s President.

Senator Obama contacted Tehran on the QT through back channels.

But Donald Trump is the one who is being reckless?

Come on.

If we ever expect China to take this country seriously, we need a President who is willing to stand up bravely beside our allies.

For eight years we haven’t had that.

Instead, we had a President who capitulated to our enemies, refused to stand unwaveringly with our allies and bowed to foreign leaders.

Worse still, he was the man who secretly contacted the largest state sponsor of terror to let them know he was their friend.

I don’t expect the Liberal panty-sniffers to respond any other way to Trump speaking with the President of Taiwan.

But I’m old enough to remember just how hysterical and over-the-top they were toward Ronald Reagan showing solidarity with those opposed to the Soviet Union.

Liberals never change.

They want the United States to be weak and compliant.

And they live in sheer terror at the thought that any show of American strength might offend another country – even a country that is our enemy.

Much like everything else, if Donald Trump is making these pussies wet themselves, he’s doing something right.

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