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In my post Pillow-Biters on Parade, I wrote about the Enslaved Press acting as human shields for Hillary Clinton — effectively tipping the scales by shielding her and attacking Donald Trump.

Someone commented on the post saying:

Journalism has been dead in the U.S. mainstream media for years. They broadcast nothing but government propaganda. What a disgusting group of sleazy, cheaply bought and paid for sluts.

Another commenter took issue with that. He snottily remarked:

I have to laugh. So exactly what is this page? The press? And exactly what ideology are you purporting? Conservatism? And exactly who do you work for? I can guess. So it’s the left that always mimics the right? So that’s why Donnie Downer Drumpf, heir to the neo-fascist of the world, continues to mimic Hillary after each of her statements. And I’m also to believe that all the networks are in cahoots? Really……Faux Newz is working with MSNBC?

Let’s leave aside that half of his comment doesn’t make any sense. While we’re at it, we’ll ignore his accusation that he can guess that I’m working for some unnamed nefarious outfit. Because if I am, I have yet to receive a paycheck.

Instead, let’s note his semi-coherent incredulous remark that the Enslaved Press “are in cahoots.”

Yeah. Really, Einstein. They are.

But don’t take my word for it.

[He won’t take my word for it because he believes I’m a bought and paid for shill.]

Instead, why not take the word of award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

Now, just a reminder.

Sharyl Attkisson is the journalist who lost her job at CBS News after execs believed she was “wading dangerously close to advocacy” when she continued to investigate the Benghazi Scandal back in 2013.

At the time Politico covered the story, I wrote in my column “There’s Advocacy, and there’s Advocacy” [Now part of my first volume of collected columns, RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama:

And Sharyl Attkisson, carrying the load of being a real investigative reporter in the mainstream news media all by herself, is accused of advocacy?
Where was CBS for the last eight months? They were doing their own cover-up.
Where was CNN? NBC? ABC? MSNBC?
Okay, MSNBC was in lockdown — the way most insane asylums are.
That is pretty funny coming from the gaggle of press people who act like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert every time they are in the presence of Barack Obama.
It’s a real hoot coming from an Enslaved Press who take their news stories directly from talking points issued by the Obama Press Office.
It’s downright hysterical coming from CBS News whose President, David Rhodes, has a sibling who works at the Obama NSC on foreign policy issues. Rhodes’ brother was one of the key players in revising the Benghazi talking points for the Obama Administration.
And Sharyl Attkisson is dangerously close to advocacy?!
We no longer have a Free Press in the United States of America.
They have willingly enslaved themselves to the Democrat Party and this President.
Their problem with Sharyl Attkisson has nothing to do with advocacy.
Their problem with Sharyl Attkisson is she’s gotten so uppity, she’s forgotten she’s a slave.

Any old how.

Attkisson was interviewed Friday by NewsMax TV’s Steve Malzberg where she revealed this [hat tip The Gateway Pundit]:

Sharyl Attkisson: There’s definitely tilted news coverage. I can’t imagine any objective observer that would think otherwise. And, I tell you, I was in a room of journalists in which one of them encouraged the others, quite publicly, to step up and do something because he said the outcome of this election was so important. And the other thing he said led me to believe and others, I think to conclude. He was talking about journalists stepping outside of their role to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected. And he received applause for that. I think that’s sort of this widespread, prevailing opinion. And fine for the pundits to do that but I feel like journalists are widely overstepping their role.

Here’s the full clip:

But don’t worry. There’s no coordinated effort to take Trump out.

Nope. Not one bit.

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2 thoughts on “Tipping the scales

  • August 14, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    “Not even a smidgen!” “No way Jose!” “Not a chance in Hell!” Spot on, Dianny!! SPOT ON!!

  • August 18, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Not to mention the marital connections between network tools and Obama administration lackeys.

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