Too clever by half

Too clever by half

Isn’t Mitt Romney just so coy?

Mitt is trying to play both sides here while simultaneously hurting both sides.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Mitt played the flirty candidate nobody is voting for by saying well, sure, if I get drafted at the convention I would accept. But of course we have four strong candidates running and one of them will be the nominee.

Isn’t that too clever by half?

If Romney were genuinely concerned for the fate of the nation and the Republican Party should Trump get the nomination, why not just come out and endorse one of the other three candidates running?

Why play it so coy?

Because, for all his highfalutin words last Thursday, Mitt Romney isn’t some altruistic guy who has the best interests of the United States at heart.

Mitt is inserting himself into this race for his own purposes.

If Mitt Romney wanted to be the 2016 Republican nominee, he should have stepped up back in the spring when Ann Coulter was declaring that the only person who could win in 2016 was Romney.

(Remember when Ann Coulter had a big crush on Mitt? Yeah. I do.)

But Romney decided not to run. He chose to sit this out and try and play king-maker instead.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday yesterday, Mitt claimed that he spoke out against Trump because he loves America and is concerned about America. So why didn’t Mitt not only speak out against Trump, but also speak affirmatively about a specific candidate who is running against him? Why didn’t he simply endorse one of the other three?

Mitt went so far as to tell Chuck Todd on Meet the Press yesterday that he would be endorsing one of the other three on March 16.

See what I mean? He’s just too clever by half.

Mitt wants to wait and see what happens in Ohio and Florida before he endorses.

That isn’t so much being a king-maker as it is being a Johnny-Come-Lately who wants to throw his support behind whoever does best.

Way to hedge your bets, Mitt.

Way to take a principled stand.

Mitt is such a courageous conservative, he wants to hold off endorsing someone just in case he sticks his neck out and puts his support behind someone who doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the nomination.

If Mitt were such a king-maker, wouldn’t he believe that his endorsement would actually influence what happens in Ohio or Florida? Someone who really believed he had that kind of pull with voters wouldn’t be sitting on his hands waiting to see what happens.

This is what made Mitt’s moronic speech on Thursday such a waste of oxygen. Mitt only made half the argument. He made a case against Trump, but then didn’t bother to make the case for someone else.

And by refusing to back one of the other three candidates running against Trump, Mitt succeeds in making himself the story. Now he can appear on Sunday show after Sunday show playing it coy when being asked if he would accept the nomination at a brokered convention. Sure, he pretends to dismiss the notion by asserting that one of the four in the race will get the nomination, but then he quickly admits he wouldn’t refuse if drafted.

The fact that Romney is shoving himself in the spotlight during an election year in which he isn’t even running tells me all I need to know about the guy.

He’s a dick.

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5 thoughts on “Too clever by half

  • March 7, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Something stuck in my mind that Romney said. He said “Donald Trump is a con-artist.” Now that is brilliant insight right there. Doesn’t that describe 99% of our current elected officials including himself? They’ve all conned us into believing things they were going to do if we elected them and then developed amnesia once in office.
    Why should we listen to any of the Republican establishment politicians who have failed us miserably. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around. They work for us and are suppose to listen to us. Maybe they need a reminder that they are public servants and we are not the servant public.

    • March 7, 2016 at 10:18 am

      What is the “Plan of Attack” to show them who is who, Alan? What can We the People do that will let them know how pissed off we are? We can call, oops the lines are already maxed out. We can leave a msg, whoops the msg centers are overwhelmed. We could write a strongly worded letter or e-mail. How is any of that working? Vote the Bat Rastards out? Too slow, and the replacements are as bad if not worse within a few weeks at best. Let’s take up pitchforks and torches and march on the Mall. Been there, done that, still no change! I don’t know what other options are left short of out and out revolution. Our founding fathers put up with a lot of grievious crap from the KoE before they took action. In fact, wasn’t it when the govt came after their guns?

      I don’t have a good answer to my own questions. I have racked my pee sized brain as to what we can do and how we could ever implement anything in time to make a difference today. I reckon I will continue to pray for guidance from the only person who can clean up this mess.

      • March 7, 2016 at 11:23 am

        God, guns and guts built this country G.W. and it’s going to take all three to save it if it’s not already too late. We need our kids being introduced to God in the homes and schools instead of the prisons. We are going to have to protect our 2nd Amendment even if it requires bloodshed. I want to live standing on my feet and not crawling on my knees. And we have got to have the guts to speak out and disregard all this PC crap that’s causing our demise.
        I say all this but I’m old and will most likely never see anything done in the time I have left on this earth. On the other hand by not having a lot of time left I’m not afraid to defend my position with my last breath either.

      • March 7, 2016 at 1:33 pm

        Alan & G.W., I would like to add that it took 60 years of liberal education in our public schools to get us to this point and I’m afraid this is not a situation that is going to be turned around overnight by any one national election. So in the long term, I think the best place to start is locally with your school board. I know it seems pretty innocuous in the grand scheme of things, but getting like-minded, conservatively-principled people to serve on the school board begins to alter the education dynamic in your district: from hiring administrators and teachers to purchasing textbooks to bringing parents back into the system. Education is the ultimate grassroots revolution and one we truly need to win.

  • March 7, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Lil mittens isn’t eligible to be considered for the nomination. 8 state minimum threshold per the new rules. Bye bye mittens. Go find some more companies to destroy with your bain capital group.

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