Toss a Bible in a toilet and you’d get a grant from the NEA


Oh, my! But folks are all abuzz after several copies of the Koran were found dumped in a toilet on the Dallas campus of the University of Texas.

“Shocking” and “unusual” they exclaimed.


If you dumped a Bible in the toilet, the National Endowment for the Arts would be tripping all over itself to give you a grant.

Come on. You know I’m right.

The local NBC affiliate in Dallas immediately rushed out to interview Muslim students to hear just how upsetting this was.

“It’s definitely saddening and a little disturbing as well,” said Syed, who is the President of the UT Dallas Muslim Student Association. “It’s something that we do not expect to happen, especially at this campus.”

I know what you mean al Jelly Bean.

Compared to a few Korans in the toilet, that bombing at Coptic Christian churches in Egypt is a great big nothing-burger.

Of course the University is bending over backwards to take this matter “seriously and will continue to investigate.”


Would they be this bent out of shape if it was a Bible in the toilet?

What I find particularly silly is that the student who spotted the floating books contacted campus security.

Was he afraid they were going to drown?

Of course, first he snapped a picture. Because, hey. Get the pictures first.

Though NBC-DFW 5 worded it this way:

After snapping some pictures to document the apparent anti-Muslim act…

“Document.” Sure, he snapped pictures to “document” it.

It probably didn’t enter his mind to tweet it out and post it to other social media platforms.

He was just playing Junior CSI and documenting the scene.

UT Dallas campus security then contacted the police.

You know. Because cops don’t have real crime to investigate.

College students are setting fire to books written by conservatives and defacing pro-life posters.

But toss a few Korans in the toilet and it’s a freaking Major Crime.

And if they find the “culprit,” what will they charge him with?

“Exercising free expression while on a college campus?”

Listen, if you can drop a crucifix in a jar of your own urine and get rewarded with money from the National Endowment for the Arts, maybe a more appropriate response would be to give the culprit a scholarship.

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One thought on “Toss a Bible in a toilet and you’d get a grant from the NEA

  • April 13, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    Although I own several Bibles, a couple of toilets, and no korans, what is the crime here? “Vandalism of the plumbing system by plugging the toilets up with crap?”

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