From “She’s totally healthy” to “Lots of Presidents were sick” in no time flat

Poor CNN. For weeks now they have been doing the lion’s share of the work trying to convince the American people that Hillary Clinton is totally healthy.

Yup. Nothing wrong with this woman. She’s the picture of health.

After the video footage showing Hillary Clinton’s inert carcass being loaded into her van had blown up the Internet, CNN had to change its tune.

By late last night their story went from “She’s totally healthy” to “Hey, come on! Lots of presidents had illnesses!” in no time flat.

I guess they realized their lying for the Clinton campaign wasn’t helping.

In a story by Sandee LaMotte, CNN took the time to chronicle all the sicknesses sitting presidents endured.

You know, just to make it clear that Hillary Clinton wobbling like a Weeble then dropping to the ground is really no biggie.

When the snow-job doesn’t work, CNN falls back on their stand-by “Well, oh yeah?” reporting technique.

”Okay, she’s not as healthy as we’ve been saying, but so what?! Lots of presidents had illnesses, you know!”

But the “Well, oh yeah?!” didn’t stop there.

LaMotte’s article also includes a section titled “Not much on Trump health either.”

Sure, Sandee. But I don’t recall a time when Trump has dropped like a rag doll on the street. There is no video footage of his Secret Service detail hauling his limp, prone body into a van.

What does Donald Trump have to do with anything?

The level of hysterical panic coming from the Enslaved Press over yesterday’s incident is a dead giveaway. Hillary isn’t just suffering from an inconveniently-timed bout of pneumonia.

This woman is gravely ill.

Since mid-August, Hillary’s campaign schedule has been so light, you’d think she wasn’t even aware she is running for President.

There has to be a reason for this.

Yesterday, Sharyl Attkisson had an outstanding editorial about the Enslaved Press’ shameful behavior regarding Hillary’s health.

She specifically cites the sudden turnaround of Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza — who went from “it’s a conspiracy!” to “we need to look into this” in less than week’s time.

Attkisson wrote:

In other words, all this was “the stuff of conspiracy theorists” until the reporters who appear to have been proven wrong, decided it was not. It’s almost as if we in the media take an editorial position with no factual basis, dare critics to prove us wrong, and then when events do, we modify our stance.
That’s not what the news is supposed to do. Reporters are, ideally, supposed to bring facts to light. If we relegate our role to one of spinning and trying to convince the public of our position; then end up bringing up the rear after-the-fact, what good are we?

Is this not exactly what CNN is doing here?

Just yesterday after Hillary dropped like boneless chicken onto the sidewalk, CNN once again regurgitated their standard, “Her doctor said she’s healthy!” argument.

Even while Hillary’s shoe lay abandoned on the sidewalk in Manhattan, CNN burped out “There is no credible evidence to support any of these claims” that Hillary is sick.

What a difference a day makes.

Once evidence even CNN has to grudgingly admit is “credible” is splashed across TV screens and the Internet, suddenly they shift gears to “So what? Lots of presidents were sick!”

It doesn’t surprise me.

CNN is getting Hillary over the finish line even if they have to haul her inert carcass into the White House the same way her army of assistants had to haul her into that van.

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4 thoughts on “From “She’s totally healthy” to “Lots of Presidents were sick” in no time flat

  • September 12, 2016 at 10:58 am

    SO…..her praetorian guards were telling us all day on Sunday it was the HEAT, knowing full well that she was “diagnosed with pneumonia” on Friday. Were they lying to us then or are they lying to us now? I think BOTH! The reason for her faltering is NEITHER. The truth is bound to come out as the pressure builds and the pesky cough and weird tics continue.

  • September 12, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    Regarding Trump’s health: I happened to be on the ramp at LaGuardia this Saturday morning, about 100 yards from his jet when his entourage arrived. I could see him from that vantage point climb the stairs to the back of the plane, probably a good 25 or so steps. While he didn’t exactly trot up the stairs, he clearly walked up under his own power, at a steady rate, without stumbling, fainting, losing a shoe, or even holding on to the railing. The back end of that airplane is about the same height as the third floor on most buildings.

    • September 12, 2016 at 7:48 pm

      But how about his mental health?
      That health ALSO matters and he certainly seems to have problems in sleeping, concentration, emotional control and learning.

      Oh, great. A Hillary supporter. Did you get lost, honey? — Dianny

      • September 13, 2016 at 10:50 am

        I don’t support either Hillary or Trump.
        They are both too old and both have serious health problems (his are mental that are easily discerned by his erratic behavior and sleeping patterns).

        There were plenty of younger candidates available without all the health issues and the primary cycle is clearly broken favored by the media’s insatiable desire for reality TV show insanity.

        This is not how the founders wanted us to select leadership.
        They set up buffers against direct democracy hence the electoral college.

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