Trayvon would have made a great pilot for United Airlines


I just saw this headline over at the Daily Caller:
Trayvon Martin Awarded Posthumous Degree in Aeronautical Science

And at first, I thought it was satire.

But it wasn’t.

Apparently, long before Trayvon became a household name for getting shot to death by the man he was beating the living crap out of, he dreamed of being a pilot.

At the tender age of 14, Trayvon enrolled in a 7-week program called “Experience Aviation.”

So Florida Memorial University decided to award Trayvon this posthumous degree at this month’s upcoming graduation ceremony. The year Trayvon would have graduated from college had he not died in 2012.

Some of you are probably thinking the same thing I was thinking.

What in the Sam Hill is the point of awarding someone who died five years ago a college diploma?

And, yeah. It is kind of stupid.

Given the trajectory Trayvon was on, the likelihood he would have succeeded in getting into college and actually staying until graduation seems relatively unlikely.

But, who knows? I guess it’s possible that Trayvon would have managed to graduate from high school despite the repeated suspensions and minor brushes with the law.

And it’s also possible that he could have gotten accepted to college despite his poor performance in high school.

So, sure. Trayvon may very well have been set to graduate from college this month had he not attempted to murder George Zimmerman and got shot for his troubles.

And, given his proclivity for pounding someone’s head into the ground, had he eventually become a pilot, he’d have been a shoe-in to fly for United Airlines.

But you’ll forgive me if I find this all rather ridiculous.

Colleges today seem to go out of their way to cheapen the value of a college degree.

And I find this to be yet another example of the devaluing of a college education.

It’s politically-motivated virtue signaling – this need to deify someone not because of what he accomplished in his life, but because his own bad choices resulted in his death.

The Daily Caller included this item:

The school plans to host a fundraiser for its Department of Aviation and Safety and for The Trayvon Martin Foundation after the ceremony.

And there it is.

Trayvon’s parents have enjoyed a windfall of money thanks to their son’s death.

And I’m sure that’s the only reason they are involved in this “posthumous degree” nonsense to begin with.

As I pointed out back when I wrote at All the Right Snark, less than two years after their son died, his parents obtained a literary agent and were trying to sell a book about him.

In an effort to make certain Barnes & Noble has something to put in the discount bin, Trayvon Martin’s parents are shopping a book about their son’s life and death to publishers (hat tip Breitbart).
No word yet on whether Bill Ayers wrote it. [Dreams from Obama’s Son]
They’ve got themselves a literary agent known for representing such literary giants as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Not since Octomom has the book world been so excited!
These are the same folks who obtained the licensing rights to their son’s name and image.
You know, because when you are grieving, the best thing to do is capitalize on it.
Nothing says “closure” quite like profiting off of your loss.

But none of this is a shock to me.

In America today, hard work and effort are for chumps.

Why bother working hard when being a victim earns you instant fame, merry buckets of cash and even a posthumous college degree.

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One thought on “Trayvon would have made a great pilot for United Airlines

  • May 5, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    It is a fact, elicited at Zimmerman’s trial from testimony on the cross examination of the lead detective, that near Trayvon’s body was a burglary tool. This has never been reported in the media, but it is in the trial record and is a fact. In all likelihood, Trayvon was casing homes to rob and Zimmerman caught him.

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