Trump trumps threat while the threat of wet makes Hill flee

I spent all night working on that headline.

Like many of you, my heart dropped to my socks when I saw the initial reports that Donald Trump was rushed out by Secret Service after a threat in Reno.

My first thought was “Lord, keep him safe.”

The news was sketchy and sparse when I first heard of it.

The words “assassination attempt” were all over Twitter.

I watched the clip of the Secret Service grabbing Mr. Trump and hustling him from the stage.

Then I saw this video shot by Washington Post Reporter Jose DelReal:

It is comforting to know that Mr. Trump is so well protected.

A friend asked me if I was going to post anything about this, and I decided to wait until more information was known.

It turns out the man led away by police is a Hillary supporter who was at Trump’s rally, not to assassinate him, but to birddog.

According to the UK Daily Mail, this man immediately sought out news cameras after he was released.

What does that tell you?

He incited something in order to illicit a response.

And Trump supporters aren’t like Hillary supporters. When there is a threat, they act.

If someone had shouted, “He’s got a gun” at a Clinton rally, Hillary supporters would have used each other as human shields while they scampered away in terror.

But Trump supporters? They went into action, attempting to subdue the suspect until the police and armed security could apprehend him.

The birddogging Hillary supporter not only rushed to the news cameras afterward, he took to Facebook to cast himself in the role of “victim.”

That alone confirms he’s a Clinton supporter.

No, I’m not giving you his name or posting his picture. He did this for publicity. And I have no intention to further elevate his aspirations of being the Victim.

But here’s what I am going to point out.

After being grabbed by Secret Service and quickly ushered off the stage, Donald Trump was led to his motorcade and got the hell on his plane. They flew to New York and now Mr. Trump is holed up in Trump Tower.

NO! He’s not!

Moments after the threat was neutralized, Mr. Trump came back out and continued the rally.

Not only that, when he finished the rally in Reno, Mr. Trump flew to Denver and held another one.

I don’t know about you. But if I were grabbed by Secret Service and rushed off a stage, I’d be so damn shaken, there is no way in hell I could have gone back out there, let alone flown to yet another city to hold another rally.

Mr. Trump started his day in Tampa. He flew on to Wilmington, North Carolina. From there, he went to Reno. And even after a possible threat and Secret Service intervention, finished in Reno then flew to Denver.

That was his day.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton spoke to a small crowd in Pembroke Pines, Florida. But seven minute in, when a heavy rain began, she left. Left left. Gone. Outta there.

Why? Because the threat of wet was too much for the witch pampered Queen.


What does that say to you?

The fact that a little rain sends Hillary packing is telling.

Likewise, the fact that a security threat doesn’t deter Mr. Trump from continuing his rally and proceeding on to another speaks volumes.

Which of these two candidates shows fortitude, stamina and a steel spine?

I can only imagine if the scenarios were reversed.

Mr. Trump, much like Mike Pence did just days ago, would have stayed in that pouring rain and continued to speak.

If Secret Service had hauled Mrs. Clinton off stage, she would have been halfway to the airport in her comfy Super Van before the suspect was even ushered out of the building.

This moron who pulled this stunt in Reno failed in his mission.

His mission was to show how horrible Trump’s supporters are and what a monster Donald Trump is.

Yeah. It didn’t work. It backfired.

All he succeeded in revealing was Trump’s supporters are quick-thinking.

The Secret Service and security are fast-acting.

And Mr. Trump has balls of steel.

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