Tucker Carlson invites Jesse Kelly back on

Jesse on Tucker Carlson

Yesterday, I posted the video from when Jesse Kelly was on the Tucker Carlson show back in August to discuss Alex Jones getting banned from social media.

And now that Jesse found himself the target of a Twitter ban, Tucker Carlson had him back on last night.

Give it a watch.

Though I’m firm about not having cable, sometimes I think it would be worth it just to be able to watch the Tucker Carlson show every night.

Okay, no. Cable isn’t worth it no matter how you slice it.

And, really? Except for Tucker Carlson and the Greg Gutfeld show, Fox News isn’t really worth it anymore either.

On a side note, on Thanksgiving I told you I was not going out to my parents. But, after I wrote my Thanksgiving post, I decided to gut it up and go – Lupus flare be damned. Though, I wasn’t able to stay long – mostly because I was in screaming pain — I did get over there for a while.

And it was a wee bit of a double-edged sword.

I got to spend a lovely couple hours with Mom and Dad. And that was nice. But apparently I also got exposed to some kind of virus. It struck Dad over the weekend, then hit my Mom yesterday. And this morning, I woke up with a fever and a cough.

I had to cancel my 6-month check-up with my rheumatologist this morning. The last place on Planet Earth I want to be when I’m really sick is a doctor’s office.

Any old how. I think I better go lie down before I fall down.

Twitter has reinstated Jesse’s account. Of course, now they’re claiming his suspension was “temporary.” Bull. That isn’t what they told him when they banned him. Those idiots bit off more than they can chew and now they’re back-peddling. And you know what? It’s glorious. But it looks like Jesse lost all his follows and most of his followers. So if you were following Jesse on Twitter, check to see if you’re still following him.

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3 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson invites Jesse Kelly back on

  • November 27, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Ugh. Hope you get rid of it soon. That’s the last thing you need!

    • November 27, 2018 at 5:33 pm

      Yeah. I know. The nurse from my rheumatologist’s office called a while ago and ordered me to stop taking the immunosuppressant until I shake this so I don’t get so sick I’m hospitalized. Gave me the willies.

  • November 28, 2018 at 12:58 am

    GG and Tucker are the best! Gutfed’s style of show caught my attention by being outstanding years ago – while O’Riley was still on FNC. Now Tucker is just killing it with his content.

    Actually, I am beginning to wonder if the Democrat elitists elsewhere in the broadcast media might try to emulate Carlson. Not that they would EVER ask the right questions of the right people, but the hope of higher ratings for themselves could be just intoxicating enough


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