Using the Hillary Defense

Hillary Defense

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When it comes to “graciously accepting defeat,” Syracuse mayoral candidate Juanita Perez Williams seems to be using the Hillary Defense to explain away her loss.

In an interview with the Post-Standard last night, Perez Williams blamed her defeat on her gender.

“Throughout the campaign, I kept hearing people say I need to tone it down in a debate or not respond to the issue when it came up,” Perez Williams said. “I think it’s hard for a woman to be in this situation. It is clearly something that was used against me and it was hard to overcome.”

And if you thought the Perez Williams campaign would be subtle about using the Hillary Defense, well, you’d be wrong.

Since when are Democrats subtle?

The Onondaga County Democrat Party Chair claimed that there was a “whisper campaign” to undermine Perez Williams.

And he actually said this:

“It’s the same thing that happened to Hillary,” said English. “A woman can’t be tough … Coming from a family of strong women, I resent that kind of attack.”

Oh, please.

People didn’t choose Ben Walsh over Juanita Perez Williams because she is a strong woman.

That’s a load of garbage.

I find it rather odd that Democrat women demand that women be treated exactly as men are. But then complain and whine when women are treated exactly as men are.

Does Perez Williams really believe using the Hillary Defense of “I lost because I’m a woman” is a good idea?

For the last eight years, Syracuse has had a woman mayor.

Granted, she’s a terrible mayor, but still.

And as much as I wish she hadn’t been elected at all, clearly nobody had a problem electing Stephanie Miner to serve as mayor.

What I find amazingly galling is Perez Williams is complaining that she was labeled as being difficult to work with. Yet during the campaign, the Post Standard ran a story with this headline:
Juanita Perez Williams: I ‘drove everyone nuts’ at City Hall but got the job done.

And now she’s complaining?

Give me a break.

But her using the Hillary Defense isn’t too much of a surprise.

Perez Williams campaign hired on the communications director for Hillary’s 2016 Super PAC, Priorities USA. And if your campaign uses Hillary people, your loss will use the Hillary Defense.

It’s clear to me that the Democrat Party saw Perez Williams as a future heavy-hitter. Which would explain why most of her support came from Albany.

And despite (or perhaps because of that) she lost – not in a squeaker, but in a landslide.

Local elections are driven by issues. And when someone runs for mayor who is clearly hoping to use that office to build a political resume, it should come as a shock to nobody when she loses.

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  • November 8, 2017 at 9:22 am

    “I find it rather odd that Democrat women demand that women be treated exactly as men are. But then complain and whine when women are treated exactly as men are.”


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