WaPo: Sure you loved OJ until he killed those people!

OJ Simpson low-speed chase

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but OJ Simpson decided to take a stab at Twitter.

Because apparently Twitter wasn’t enough of a cesspool.

And OJ’s first foray into social media was straight-up creepy.

His first tweet was a brief video of himself announcing his new Twitter account and explaining, “I got a little getting even to do.”


Just what Twitter needs, OJ Simpson vowing to get even. Because that worked out so well for Nicole and Ron, didn’t it?

And if you think OJ joining Twitter to settle the score is creepy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Washington Post “celebrated” the 25th anniversary of OJ Simpson’s famous low-speed chase with this “perspective” piece:


Is that what he was doing when he murdered his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman?

“That’ll show those white people!”

Hey, WaPo: You know who else died in darkness?

The gist of this “perspective” piece is, “Sure, you white people all loved OJ Simpson until he killed those people!”

The chase not only disrupted the NBA Finals — it also unsettled the comfort white Americans had developed for black athletes. For years, black athletes, and Simpson in particular, were held up as signs of the progress made toward bridging America’s racial divide. That night, however, he served as a stark reminder of how conditional that comfort was.

Now, I was in my twenties back when OJ Simpson was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.  And for the life of me, I don’t recall a single person saying, “Gosh, I am no longer comfortable with any black athletes now that OJ murdered those people.”

Nobody said, “Whelp, so much for bridging the racial divide! I’m so unsettled!”

In fact, the overall reactions were “Holy crap. OJ murdered his ex-wife?!”  and “That was the strangest ‘low-speed’ chase EVER.”

The Bronco chase forced Americans not only to wrestle with the increasing likelihood of Simpson’s guilt but also to recognize that perhaps he was not who they thought he was. He was not the smiling pitchman running through airports or the frequent victim of comedic violence in “Naked Gun.” He was O.J., and he was black…

Okay, nobody thought that.

Nobody said, “Say, I watched OJ in those ‘Naked Gun’ movies. But it wasn’t until he led the police on a low-speed chase that I realized he was black!”

Does this “perspective” writer really believe anyone on Planet Earth was “forced” to “wrestle” over anything? Seriously?

Did you even think for a nano-second “Oh, look at that footage! Now that damn OJ is forcing me to wrestle with who he is!”

Come on.

The sad fact is, the national news coverage of this low-speed chase was voyeuristic. It was entertainment. Nobody was grappling or struggling or wrestling with anything. It was entertainment — as was OJ Simpson’s televised trial.

The only thing I wrestled with was, “Why the hell are people watching this like it’s a TV show?”

I realize that revisionism is quite common in this day and age. But this hot-take is so ridiculous to anyone who was both alive and an adult when OJ Simpson and his white Bronco became must-see TV.

“Damn white people and their…” [shuffles deck, pulls card] “discomfort over a vicious double murder!”

Frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of every single event in our nation’s history being boiled down to how white people allegedly responded.

After “Republicans pounce,” the most common theme in modern day news is “White people pounce.”

To imply that a white athlete-turned-actor would not have caused a national stir after murdering two people then leading the police on a low-speed chase through the highways of Los Angeles is insane.

You don’t think Americans would have been glued to Court TV watching the televised trial if the former football superstar was white?

Of course they would have.

OJ Simpson’s arrest and trial becoming a national pastime had nothing to do with “white Americans” or Simpson’s skin color for crying out loud.

I’ve lost count of how many columns I’ve written about the Washington Post. It really has become a garbage paper.

And just when I think they can’t sink any lower, the WaPo reaches down into the gutter and yanks out yet another “perspective” piece that proves me wrong.

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  • June 18, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    Dianny, given that O.J. is tweeting out knife emojis, taking a “stab” at Twitter was brilliant. Well played.

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