That wasn’t just a Home Run; it was a Grand Slam Home Run

home run

President Trump’s first speech before a Joint Session of Congress was a home run all right.

It was a grand slam home run — straight out of the park and into the stratosphere.

You can tell it was a game-winning moon shot by how grumpy the Democrats looked through the whole thing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that President Trump wants his opponents to underestimate him.

And they do it every time – and at their own peril.

I think he is perfectly happy with his detractors snottily referring to him as a “Cheeto-Face Buffoon” while rolling their eyes condescendingly. Because in the end, they always get caught off guard.

I remember one time in high school gym class, we played a pick-up game of baseball with both boys and girls on each team.

And as I came up to the plate, the pitcher turned around and said to his outfield, “Move in! Move in! This one is an easy out.”

He tossed the first pitch and I knocked that sucker hard into the outfield – a nice line drive.

And nobody was out there to scoop it up.

I got an RBI double.

Not bad for a scrawny “easy out,” huh?

Well, Donald Trump stood at the plate last night. And the Democrats, the Enslaved Press – they both expected him to whiff.

And he knocked that sucker clean out of the park.

It was a Grand Slam Home Run.

Even those in the Enslaved Press who despise Donald Trump (which is pretty much everyone in the Enslaved Press) had to admit it was an amazingly strong speech.

President Trump was forceful where need be. He was unwavering and decisive. And he showed more compassion than any President in decades.

When he introduced Denisha Merriweather and told the story of her triumph after failure in a public school, I was weeping like a girl.

Ditto when he introduced Megan Crowley.

Barack Obama tended to load up the gallery with people who benefited from Government help. With Obama’s guests, the Government was the hero of the story.

Not so last night. President Trump’s guests, not Government, were the heroes.

Denisha and Megan’s victories were not thanks to Big Brother Government. They were thanks to ingenuity and effort of themselves and their families.

And that is the American spirit.

It was inspiring and uplifting to hear their stories of triumph.

President Trump also honored those who were forgotten by their Government. Susan Oliver, Jessica Davis and Jamiel Shaw.

But it was his tribute to fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens that was a moment for the history books.

As his widow Carryn Owens stood weeping, the entire room erupted in sustained, unending applause.

Mr. Trump’s address was short on platitudes and long on substance.

Rather than relying on soaring, meaningless rhetoric, President Trump outlined a strong and decisive agenda.

Yet he did so in a way that allowed us to envision a better, more hopeful America.

Even CNN’s instant poll after the speech couldn’t hide the truth.

Nearly 7-in-10 who watched said the President’s proposed policies would move the country in the right direction and almost two-thirds said the president has the right priorities for the country. Overall, about 7-in-10 said the speech made them feel more optimistic about the direction of the country.

Monday, when I warned the Democrats to disrupt the speech at their own peril, this is exactly what I meant.

Americans overwhelmingly support President Trump’s agenda and his vision for America.

And if the Democrats persist in opposing him for no other reason than to oppose him, they’re going to find themselves out in the wilderness alone – supported only by the hacks in the Fake News and the Leftists on the coasts.

Of course CNN tried to explain away their own results by saying typically the only people who will watch a President’s speech are those who support him.

Yeah. Well, something tells me that isn’t the case here.

And we have the Democrats to thank for that.

Because they promoted their plans to protest and troll President Trump, I’m certain that many people watching were watching in hopes of seeing fireworks.

Instead, they got a speech for the ages.

And the grumpy, harrumphing faces of the white-clad Democrat women and pouting Democrat men looked all the more foolish in light of the powerful speech President Trump delivered.

In other words, they didn’t do themselves any favors.

They expected Trump to strike out.

And while they moved in for the easy out, the President of the United States sent that ball out of the park for a Grand Slam Home Run.

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