The way Trump treats people?!

Yesterday Gropey Joe Biden told a crowd in Warren, Ohio that his biggest problem with Donald Trump is the way he treats people.


The way Trump treats people?

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Wow. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

How about the way the Obama Administration treats people, Joe?

For eight years, you and your boss have treated us like your personal ATM.

Let me give you some examples.

Back in 2013, Joe spent one night in a Paris hotel and taxpayers got stuck with the bill of over $585,000.00.

In June 2014, Biden flew in to Central New York to attend his niece’s wedding in Auburn. Guess who paid for Gropey Joe’s trip?

If you guessed “we did,” you would be right.

In July 2014, Joe Biden traveled to Brazil for the World Cup.

This trip cost us $2.2 million dollars.

In May of this year, Joe took a day trip to Mexico City.

A day trip.

And we got stuck with the $538,528.65 bill.

Donald Trump flew to Mexico City on Wednesday and that travel didn’t cost us a penny.

The way Trump treats people?!

Yesterday, Politico reported that Bill Clinton used taxpayer funds to set up the homebrew server his wife used to hide from Freedom of Information Act requests.

But Joe Biden doesn’t like how Trump treats people?!

Hillary Clinton has lied to the American people endlessly for over a year about this private server and her emails.

But Joe doesn’t like how Trump treats people?!

What really gets Joe’s goat is how Donald Trump says, “You’re fired.”

You ought to come from a household where some people were fired. Where the plant closed down. Where all of a sudden they’re staring at the ceiling, wondering how in God’s name am I going to make it.

Yeah. Trump says “You’re fired” on a TV show and that makes him unqualified to be president.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Obama Administration a record 94,391,000 Americans are no longer in the labor force.

Those people looking up at the ceiling wondering ‘how in God’s name am I going to make it’ are in that position because of the way the Obama Administration treats people.

Not because of anything Donald Trump has done.

The way Trump treats people?

Really, Joe?

Tell me, is Trump leeching off of us and bleeding us dry?

Is he putting people out of work and landing them on food stamps and welfare?

Driving businesses out of the country?

Leaving us vulnerable to terrorist attacks?

The way Trump treats people?!

Who the hell has been in the White House for the last eight years, you brain-dead nitwit?!

Honestly. Every single member of the Obama Administration is completely lacking in self-awareness.

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