We have our Raffle Winner!

raffle winner

As promised, everybody who contributed more than $15 to PatriotRetort.com’s summer fundraiser was entered into a raffle to win a Charcoal Gray Deplorable T-shirt.

The drawing is done and we have our raffle winner.

But first, before I announce the winner, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who made a donation during this year’s summer fundraiser.

So a great big thank you to Randall D., Laurel D., Kenneth B., George W., Anne D., David N., Anne G., Fred M., Beatrice D., Paula R., Georgia G., Monica S., Vincent S., Robin, K., Greg Z., Ray H., Dale H., Pat H. R. Jay F., and Doug & Rose W.

I am deeply grateful not only for your donations, but for your kind words and notes you sent along as well.

Now, I know that many of you cannot afford to donate. Like Joe Dan Gorman of Intellectual Froglegs likes to say, that just means we’re cousins!

But even those who cannot make a donation are helping this site immeasurably every time you share the posts on Facebook, Twitter, GAB, Reddit and elsewhere.

And whitelisting PatriotRetort.com in your ad blocker and interacting with the advertisers helps as well.

Any old how.

Without further ado, let me announce the raffle winner.

This summer’s raffle winner is Laurel D.!


Laurel, you’ll be getting an email from me shortly to make the arrangements.

Again, a big thank you to everybody for helping to grow this site far beyond what I ever thought possible.

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