Well of course Hillary didn’t personally murder anyone

I love how the defense Liberals grasp for whenever people point out the dead bodies that pile up around the Clintons is, “You’re a bunch of conspiracy nuts!! The Clintons didn’t murder anyone!”

For example, after I posted about Mary Caitrin Mahoney, the response was, “Mary Mahoney was murdered by Carl Derek Cooper!!! Google it! The Clintons didn’t murder her!!!”

Excuse my French, but no shit, Sherlock.

I don’t think that Hillary Clinton is guilty of murder in the sense that she personally obtained the gun and walked into a Starbucks and shot Mary Mahoney.


Come on, Hillary couldn’t even get her ass out of bed to make it to the White House meeting held three days after the Benghazi attacks.

Who here sees Hillary dragging her sorry carcass out of bed in the wee hours of the night to murder anyone?

For Pete’s sake. This woman can’t even operate a fax machine.

She even had her housekeeper print up State Department emails for her.

“Say, I know you don’t have security clearance, Marina. But after you clean the toilet, could you go into the Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility down the hall and print up some emails for me?”

Sending faxes, printing out emails, murder – that’s what you pay underlings for.

I doubt anyone believes Hillary Clinton carried out a murder.

She can’t drive, for heaven’s sake! What’s she going to do – ask one of her Secret Service detail if he doesn’t mind being the wheel-man while she shoots Seth Rich?

Hillary does her killing by proxy.

“We came. We saw. He died.”

Well, by proxy and by incompetent inaction.

Like any good crime family, the Clintons have so many layers between them and the triggerman, only a Vulcan mind-meld with Spock will reveal the truth.

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One thought on “Well of course Hillary didn’t personally murder anyone

  • May 16, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    And since Spock is now dead, she is ‘probably’ pretty safe…………….

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