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According to the Washington Examiner, on the urging of its new owner Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post is assigning twenty reporters to dig through Donald Trump’s life from when he was a squalling baby until today. And by squalling baby, I don’t mean a month ago when he was a squalling baby, but when he was literally a baby. What I tell you? Didn’t I tell you they were going to do this?

Last month, in my column The Media will never stop trying to pick our candidate, I wrote:

All of the Liberal media mouthpieces who are defending and enabling Trump during this primary process want him to get the nomination because he is without question the weakest Republican candidate in history. And they will turn on him like a rabid dog when the General Election comes around.
They’re setting him up just so they can ensure a Democrat victory in November.
I used to believe that Donald Trump was playing the media like a Stradivarius. But now, I’m beginning to suspect that while Donald thinks he has them right where he wants them, the truth is the Enslaved Press have been the ones playing Trump. They’ve played on his vanity brilliantly. By slobbering all over him, by having him on their programs day after day — sometimes several times a day — they’ve built him up just so they can proceed to knock him flat on his ass after they help him secure the nomination.
After the way the Enslaved Press manipulated things in 2008, I have no doubt whatsoever that they are diabolical enough and skilled enough to pull this off.
And make no mistake, they have been pulling it off.

And just a week after Trump becomes the presumptive nominee, here’s the Washington Post gearing up to tear him down. Just like clockwork.

The Examiner cites Bob Woodward saying that Bezos has “urged the Post to run as many stories on Trump and the other candidates so that voters can’t say they didn’t know about the eventual president.”

Yeah. Right.

Notice how they didn’t bother doing any of this back when there were still other Republican candidates in the race who posed a serious threat to Trump’s chances of getting the nomination. No! They wait until we’re stuck with the guy.

This is how it works. The media help frame the narrative and manipulate the voters to get them to select the Republican candidate these Liberal hacks think is most likely to go down in flames, then, after they succeed, they pull out all the stops to completely destroy him.

This maneuver is about as unexpected as tomorrow’s sunrise.

To steal a line from Rush Limbaugh, do not doubt me.

And, yeah. They’ll make it sound like they’re being dutiful members of the Press, but that’s not it at all.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out that those twenty reporters already have banker’s boxes filled with reams of material on Trump. They’ve probably been compiling it since Trump first announced his candidacy. They were just waiting until the Republican Party was at the “no turning back” phase of this race to unleash it.

The most telling statement in this story is when Bob Woodward, while speaking at the convention of the National Association of Realtors, talked about Hillary Clinton’s current troubles (from the Washington Examiner piece):

He [Woodward] also said that the paper is trying to get to the “essence” of Hillary Rodham Clinton, but he dismissed suggestions that she used a personal email server to distribute classified information.
“I don’t think anyone feels that there was intent on her part to distribute classified information in a way that was illegal or jeopardized security,” he assured the crowd.

The “essence” of Hillary Clinton? What is that? Some kind of journalistic aromatherapy?

For Trump, they will turn over every rock, peek behind every skirt, scour every scrap of paper that has anything to do with the guy. But Hillary? Meh. We just want her essence.

There’s a reason that over three years ago I began to refer to the Press as “The Enslaved Press.” Their job is not to hold our elected officials to account and simply report the news. They have willingly become the servants of the Left and the Democrat Party. And their primary role is to ruin the Republican Party’s electoral chances through any means necessary.

Anyone who is stunned or upset over this news really needs to crawl out from under that rock and join us here on Planet Earth.

This was going to happen because this is what always happens.

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