When censorship backfires

This is such a great story. It’s like the word Karma was invented just for this.

A Wall High School junior named Grant Berardo wore a TRUMP: Make America Great Again T-shirt for his yearbook picture.

And some snippy cow …. sorry …. teacher decided to do a little Photoshop censorship on his picture to remove the offending (to her) image.



Well, if I had to guess, because she hates Donald Trump.

And, because of her short-sighted Trump Derangement, her censorship totally backfired on her.

Thanks to her, young Grant Berardo’s TRUMP shirt won’t just be seen by the limited number of people who would leaf through the pages of the Wall High School yearbook.

Instead — thanks to her — his untouched yearbook photo has gone viral nationwide.

It’s as if this vindictive wretch … sorry … teacher is a character out of a Coen Brothers’ movie.

You know the ones.

They have the best laid plans, then suddenly things go horribly wrong. And they up being skewered by their own machinations.

Talk about Schadenfreude.

Wall Township has suspended the censorship queen … sorry … teacher. And they are looking to rectify the egregious act.

Personally, it isn’t enough to reprint the yearbook with Grant’s TRUMP shirt intact. They should also Photoshop a TRUMP shirt on the insufferable creep … sorry … teacher who Photoshopped his picture.

Not that it matters.

Thanks to her, millions of people have now seen Grant in his TRUMP T-shirt.

Which only goes to show you can never erase Karma — even if you own Photoshop.

Hat tip the New York Post

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2 thoughts on “When censorship backfires

  • June 13, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    Feel good story of the day.

  • June 14, 2017 at 5:48 am

    Anybody know the name of this miserable bitch… sorry… teacher?

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