When the Face of Impeachment is clueless

Yesterday, I pointed out that Nancy Pelosi inadvertently admitted that she really is clueless about what’s going on with the Democrats’ Shampeachment.  Which is rather odd when you consider the Speaker of the House really is the Face of Impeachment.

She’s in charge.  It’s her caucus.  She was the one who stood in front of reporters and announced this garbage inquiry over two months ago.

Now I think I understand why that September 24th announcement looked so much like a hostage video.

Nancy is out of her depth.

And the more she babbles on incoherently, the more certain I become that this Face of Impeachment is nothing more than an empty figurehead.

Nancy is out of the loop.  She’s not running this show.  And every time she has to answer reporters’ questions about it, it shows on every inch of her face.

In fact, the last time we saw a putative head of something look so utterly lost was back in July when Robert Mueller came before the House Judiciary Committee and it became obvious that he had no idea what his eponymous report said.

And just like the Face of the Mueller Investigation was lost at sea about his own report, the Face of Impeachment is likewise treading water with no land in sight.

When the Face of Impeachment is clueless

I think that’s probably why Nancy is dismissing impeachment questions at her daily press briefings.  Heaven forbid the press realize that the Face of Impeachment is as in the dark as Bob Mueller was about his report.

Are they keeping her in the dark on purpose?  It’s possible.

Maybe Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff don’t have confidence in Nancy’s wits and speaking skills to read her in.

We can’t be the only ones who notice her babbling incoherence.

But since she is the head of her caucus and Speaker of the House, I’d say that’s unlikely.

It’s more likely that they’re briefing Nancy daily with all the requisite talking points.  But because of her advancing age and unintelligible, disorganized thinking, when she gets up to the mic, those talking points get lost somewhere inside that botoxed fever pit Nancy calls a brain.

Which would explain stuff like this:

And it also explains why, back in early October, Nancy told George Stephanopoulos that Schiff’s fictionalized recounting of that infamous phone call were “using the President’s own words.”

My guess is, unlike all of us, Nancy has yet to read the transcript of that phone call.  Or if she did, it too got lost in her addled brain.

The fact is, Nancy got dragged into announcing the impeachment inquiry on the say-so of Adam Schiff.  And to this day, the Face of Impeachment still has no earthly idea what the hell is reality and what is fiction.

She’s ceded control to Trump-hating weirdos like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

I’m telling you, it’s Robert Mueller all over again.

But Democrats are stuck with her.  Just as they’re stuck with having to vote on the flimsiest, stupidest impeachment articles in the history of the Republic.

The last thing the House majority wants is for us to realize their party’s leader is a clueless figurehead who is being led by the nose. That despite being the Face of Impeachment, Nancy’s grasp of the details is nonexistent.

Something tells me if she really understood just how awful this is for the Democrat majority, Nancy never would have pulled the trigger.

Ah, well.

Too late now.

And just like Robert Mueller’s awful testimony doomed the fantasies of the ResistanceLOL, Nancy’s obliviousness will doom the Democrats in 2020.

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2 thoughts on “When the Face of Impeachment is clueless

  • December 13, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    The most disgusting part is in leftist commentary, whether MSM or online blogs, etc, they all believe and support everything that spews forth from Schiff, Nadler and even Pelosi’s unintelligible ramblings. They’re on board no matter how utterly stupid and insane everything sounds.

  • December 13, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    With lardass Nadler sleeping and some other asshead watching golf, why are we supposed to take this shit serious when the people trying to protect our democracy are not taking their own demise seriously?

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