It’s the White House press pool, not an exclusive country club

Oh my, but the White House press pool is super duper angry.

It was bad enough Press Secretary Sean Spicer had the temerity to give a New York Post reporter the first question on Monday. But yesterday, Spicer actually called on a reporter from Lifezette.

The horror!!!!

Just so you know, Tony Romm is with Politico. You know. The same “news” organization that employed self-proclaimed Clinton “hack” Glenn Thrush.

The elitist snobs in the White House press pool do not want to rub shoulders with such a low caliber of people like those from Lifezette and Breitbart.

A “super-Trump-supportive website.”

Perish the thought!

CNN is a super-Hillary-supportive “news” outlet.

But Daniel Dale doesn’t have a problem with CNN being in the White House press pool.

Mind you. Joel Pavelski works for GQ magazine.

Now, there’s some hard-hitting news reporting right there!

Breitbart News just announced adding additional reporters to their team including Sam Chi (formerly of RealClear Politics) and Kristina Wong (formerly of The Hill).

[Chi and Wong. Boy, those sound like a couple of White Nationalists, don’t they?]

But Joel from Gentlemen’s Quarterly does not view Breitbart as a news organization.

You know. The way Gentlemen’s Quarterly is.

Somewhere along the way, these White House “reporters” decided that the press pool is a private club. And membership therein is only possible if they and they alone approve of the news site in question.

It’s hilarious to watch these hacks who want to control the narrative lose that control.

Their outrage has nothing to do with “journalistic integrity.”

After all, one only needs to listen to the press pool’s response when Barack Obama walked in to Josh Earnest’s final press briefing.

They gasped.

Yup. They gasped like teenage girls at a Starbucks who spot Justin Bieber walking in.

I mean, come on.

In his first press conference after being elected in 2008, Barack Obama was asked this question:

Everyone wants to know, what kind of dog are you going to buy for your girls? Have you decided on a private or public school for your daughters?

And in celebrating Obama’s first one hundred days in the White House, New York Times “reporter” Jeff Zeleny asked President Obama:

During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office? Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?

What has enchanted you the most?!

This, my friends, is hard-hitting journalism at its best.

But Lifezette and Breitbart are not legitimate news sources.



The White House press pool isn’t trying to preserve and protect journalistic integrity.

They’re just trying to keep a handle on the narrative.

And if news sources that do not march in lock-step with them are permitted to join the club, their control of the narrative crumbles.

So they sniff haughtily at the inclusion of new media as if they alone are worthy of reporting the news.

But keep it up, kids.

Your arrogant condescension does more to delegitimize you than Breitbart, Lifezette, or any other alternative media outlet.

Hat tip the Daily Caller

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2 thoughts on “It’s the White House press pool, not an exclusive country club

  • January 25, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Traditionally giving the first question to AP, permits them to set the tone…to establish “what’s important” and basically point the direction the press should drive.
    And that is how they’ve been able to control the narrative

  • January 25, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Right now, the whiny tears of liberals is enchanting me most!

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