Whitewashing Blackface Northam

Boy, those Democrats sure want to pretend Governor Blackface Northam doesn’t exist, don’t they?

Despite the fact that they all called for the Virginia Governor to resign over his penchant for dressing in blackface (or a Klan robe – he doesn’t remember which), Blackface Northam is still governor of Virginia.

But it isn’t just his racist past that they’re looking to whitewash.

They’re also furiously trying to whitewash the creepy infanticide musings Blackface Northam shared on a radio interview last January.

They’re desperate to pretend it neeeeeeever happened.

But it happened.

When President Trump referenced this ghoulish, bloodless discussion of infanticide at his Wisconsin rally Saturday night, the news media and Democrat politicians scrambled to feign outrage.

Yes, Trump describing Blackface Northam’s own creepy infanticide talk is all about the President’s “mental state.” Who is this Amee Vanderpool, and why isn’t anyone checking on her mental state?

But of course this kind of loon is the one Ilhan Omar retweets.

Now, leave aside for a moment that this religious fanatic Omar is fearmongering about religious fanatics.  Ilhan Omar is the pot forever calling the kettle black.  It’s her primary form of demagoguery.

Instead, notice what President Trump says in that clip is pretty much in line with what Blackface Northam said in that clip from January.

Now, either Ilhan Omar is clinically stupid or she’s flat-out lying.

[Of course, it’s Ilhan Omar.  So it’s probably both.]

Naturally, CNN — Democrat handmaids that they are — wasted no time peddling the same propaganda.

“False” and “shocking.”

Can you believe this guy calls his show “Reliable Sources?”

There’s nothing “false” about what President Trump said.

Though it is shocking. But not in the way Brian thinks.

It’s shocking that a sitting Governor would bloodlessly discuss killing a newborn child.

It’s shocking that the Commonwealth of Virginia actually considered passing a law that would make it legal to murder a baby up to and even after the point of birth.

What’s not shocking to me is Brian Stelter’s willingness to pretend this never happened.

The Democrats and their handmaids in the media know that late-term abortion to the point of birth is a losing proposition among American voters.  Mostly because the majority of Americans are made of human parts and therefore find infanticide horrific.

So they’re simply pretending Blackface Northam never once bloodlessly described killing a born infant if that’s what the mother and doctor decide.

The Democrat Party cannot win elections by openly promoting what they really want.  So they lie. It’s been their modus operandi for decades.  Democrats must never say the quiet parts out loud.

Blackface Northam’s only sin (as far as the Democrats are concerned) was openly admitting the Democrat Party’s true agenda.

So they and their media handmaids like the corpulent Brian Stelter feign outrage and horror at President Trump as if what he’s saying has no foundation in reality.

But this isn’t Germany in the 1930s where all information was carefully curated and distilled through one propaganda ministry. [Although I have a feeling chubby Stelter wishes that was the case.]

This is 2019 and the internet is forever.

Americans know the truth.  You can’t unring that bell.

And no matter how many lies tubby little Stelter or dummies like Ilhan Omar are willing to burp out, Blackface Northam saying the quiet parts out loud can’t be whitewashed away.

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5 thoughts on “Whitewashing Blackface Northam

  • April 29, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Northam is an evil Himmler foisted upon red Virginia by a couple of overpopulated blue dots near DC,,,I think New York State is the same way,.our votes don’t matter

    • April 30, 2019 at 6:58 am

      Show me a male that supports abortion rights and radical feminism and I’ll show you a male that is surrounded by women that he hasn’t a hope of bedding unless he keeps up the facade of being a women’s rights hero. Men pretend to believe this crap.

      Basic male human nature. All a carnal man does is related to the acquisition of food, shelter and sex.

      Remember that all you radical feminists out there when you knock knees the next time. He’s just going along to get a little.

  • April 29, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    Little Brian Eunuch is a good lapdog. He does what he’s told to do.

  • April 29, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Answer to prayer –
    You’re back in such force today.
    Prayers continue

  • April 30, 2019 at 2:54 am

    So glad you included the video and transcript of Governor Northam’s radio interview. Not at all difficult to get the meaning in the governor’s answer: in some cases “execute” the baby.

    “Infanticide” is a strong word. Maybe Gov. Northam would want it to be described as: it’s okay for three older humans together to terminate a young human’s life.

    Oh, and how does this NOT have implications for terminating the lives of old humans that are consuming large amounts of Medicare’s public funding? Seems to be just an incremental movement from terminating an infant’s life, for the greater good, to terminating an old adult life, for the greater good.

    You’re right, Dianny. The Dems would rather not ever again see that January 2019 radio interview where Gov. Northam calmly describes proposed Dem policies. Voters, however, should see it again. And again — in 2020. President Trump probably is not the only one that sees this opportunity to show, in the Dems own words, the quite parts out loud


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