Who designed these slippers? Dr. Seuss?

So my Mom used to knit and crochet all the time.  She would make tons of stuff — blankets, slippers, sweaters.

Every couple years, I would get a pair of crocheted slippers for Christmas.

They were great. I wear them every day in cold weather so they wear out after a couple years.

And this week I finally had to retire the last two pair of slippers my mom made for me. When the bottom of your slippers are gone, there’s really no point to them anymore.

Since my Mom doesn’t do much knitting anymore, I knew I would have to buy a pair of slippers to replace the worn out ones.

So yesterday when I was at the drugstore, I saw they had slippers on clearance.  Micro-fleece on the outside and a heavier fleece on the inside. They looked super soft and warm.

There was just one minor design flaw.

Dr Seuss Slippers

Yeah. I know. Who puts pompoms on the top of adult slippers?

Even Michelle Obama would turn up her nose at these.

The purpose of slippers is to keep my feet warm.  I’m not auditioning for clown college.

Who wants walk around with a mound of fleece the size of a tennis ball on her feet?

It looks like I’m getting ready to take my pet tribbles out for a walk.

Who designed these anyway?  Dr. Seuss?

I’m surprised Horton didn’t come by demanding I give him back his flower.

Any old how, after my cat Willow tried to make off with the top of my slipper while I was making dinner last night, I decided the damn things had to come off.

Since they were glued on, I used a razor blade to carefully excise them like an unsightly mole.

On the plus side, they make excellent cat toys.

PS, Mom, if you do decide to make me a new pair of slippers: Don’t get any crazy ideas!

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