Why I’m not sold on Trump

I’ve written quite a bit on Trump since he first announced his candidacy. And some may construe that as my endorsement of him.

It is not.

Though I am not quite prepared to get behind one particular candidate for the Republican nomination, I do have what I think of as “Dianny’s whittling away list.” These are the candidates that I cannot endorse for the nomination. They are either too Liberal, too unreliable, too unelectable, or all of the above.

So far on that list I have Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, George Pataki, Mike Huckabee, and Carly Fiorina.

There are others for whom I am on the fence. I’m not certain about Rubio, Santorum, Rand Paul or Ben Carson.

Granted, as it is only July of 2015, it is still early. Some of those who have declared will more than likely drop out before the first primary. Some that are on the fence for me may end up tipping into the “maybe” pile or joining the other seven currently on the “Dianny’s whittling away list.”

The truth is, Donald Trump is teetering very close to being added to the whittling away list.

Let me explain why I’m not sold on Trump.

Let’s consider experience.

No, not Trump’s experience (which isn’t particularly vast), but our own.

We conservatives have raised quite an army of grassroots activists over the last six and a half years. Andrew Breitbart and the Tea Party movement really took the lead on this, but it has grown beyond them. Conservatives are rising up and making their voices heard.

One only has to look at the wildly popular #RedNationRising grassroots movement on Twitter (in the interests of full disclosure, I am friends with the — for lack of a better term — founder of this totally grassroots phenomenon).

What began as a single tweet has blossomed into a movement as those in the Ignored Majority begin to coalesce and make their voices heard.

It hasn’t been easy. Not only have these grassroots conservatives been actively targeted by the Obama Justice Department and IRS, but they are routinely and consistently attacked by the Enslaved Press, not to mention the Republican Establishment.

Weaker-willed individuals would give up.

But we don’t give up. Following the lead of our fallen General Brietbart, we keep fighting.

Along the way, many Republican candidates have hitched their wagon to this rising movement in hopes of gaining electoral advantage by doing so.

Consider the 2010 New Jersey Governor’s race.

Today, precious few within the grassroots conservative movement would even consider voting for Chris Christie as President. And yet, back in 2010, many of them ate him up with a spoon.

A really, really big spoon.

Chris Christie became the darling of the Tea Party Movement. And he was happily embraced by those who heard his courageous “tough talk” and believed he would be a firebrand for this growing grassroots effort.

Boy were they wrong.

Christie is nothing more than a tepid, barely Republican Governor who has increased taxes, presided over credit downgrades, failed to bring New Jersey’s economy back, and bent over backwards — not an easy feat for him to be sure — to “compromise” with Democrats (AKA Surrender).

Christie’s belligerent, bellicose behavior isn’t the mark of a firebrand, but a bully. And not just any bully. But a bully toward those on whose coattails he happily glided to gain electoral victory in 2010.

He isn’t so much a firebrand, as he is a whole lot of smoke that billows and weakens, then dissipates into the atmosphere.

I don’t lay the blame fully on Chris Christie.

After being so disparaged and attacked by the Left, by this President and his hacks, and by the Enslaved Press, the grassroots conservative movement is quick to embrace someone who says just the right things to garner our notice.

But talk is cheap.

Don’t forget how fired up and determined John Boehner sounded on the night of the 2010 Midterms when, thanks to the grassroots conservatives, the Republicans kicked Nancy Pelosi’s ass.

He really laid it on thick, didn’t he?

We were so excited! We thought he would lead us in the battle against Obamacare, against the entire radical Obama agenda.

And how is that working out for us?

Politicians are like a young man who wants to bed a woman. He will say anything, make any promise, use all the words she wants to hear. Then, the next morning, he conveniently loses her phone number.

Experience has shown me that falling for talk is deeply naïve and incredibly disappointing.

We would be wise not to be so easily charmed into bed.

The truth is, we have to stand up for ourselves, and stand fast on our principles.

As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”

Yesterday, in my column ” The Ignored Majority,” I pointed out that Trump’s positions on some of the most basic conservative principles are spotty at best.

And, if you remember, Chris Christie’s record was equally spotty prior to his 2010 run for Governor. He was weak on the Second Amendment, weak on Immigration, weak on taxes and limited government. And yet all that went out the window because he talked a good game.

I believe that the strong position Trump has taken on immigration is reflected by both Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal, and in large part by Scott Walker. The big difference is those three actually have a proven track record of standing on conservative principles even when they themselves were attacked and vilified, not only in the Enslaved Press and by Democrats, but by the Establishment Republican Party.

We will never find a perfect candidate. And everyone running is flawed in some way. That’s the wonderful reality of being human.

But some candidates are better than others. Not only in what they say, but in their actions.

Actions have to speak louder than words.

So far, all I’ve seen of Trump is a lot of loud words.

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m not sold on Trump

  • July 13, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Ha Ha!

    Dianny you’re secretly crushing on the Donald and trying to act like you’re not,

    You know that you should ask Ted Cruz to the Sadie Hawkins Dance… But that Donald knows how to Pop Lock & Drop It, and he ain’t shy.

    Now Ted is the right Boy for you, he’s a good boy, respectable… But that Donald is exciting, he’s Alpha like a boss. The things he says makes you all spoony and yandere.

    And it’s O.K. I won’t judge, I got a Bro-crush on the dude for being bad-ass, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to Electoral college with him.

    However, I expect the Donald might dump us for that Hillary babe, she is the most popular girl in High School USA, at least all your girlfriends think so.

    /as i peel out the tires screech Rossssssssssss Perot

  • July 13, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Am in the middle of Carly Fiorina’s book “Tough Choices” and am very impressed with Carly. She has a ton of corporate/economic smarts, an infallible ethical standard and Conservative attitude.

    Before I get too involved with signing on support, what am I missing about Carly, from your “female (woman’s) intuition?

    I really have become disillusioned with the GOP RINOS, since I invested so much time and support to help elect the Republican Majority, and agree with you on the other candidates you mentioned. I would add Rick Perry and Marko Rubio.

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