Why won’t they just repeal the damn thing?


In January of last year, Congress sent to Barack Obama’s desk a repeal of Obamacare that also defunded Planned Parenthood.

Naturally, Obama vetoed it.

Where is that bill? And why on earth can’t Congress simply put that bill for a vote again to go to President Trump?

At the time of Obama’s veto, Speaker Paul Ryan said:

“We have now shown that there is a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate. So, next year, if we’re sending this bill to a Republican president, it will get signed into law.”

So what happened?

Speaker Ryan said they would send that bill to a Republican President. So why won’t he?

Maybe I’m naïve. But wouldn’t that be a simpler way to handle an Obamacare repeal than this mishegas they’re peddling now?

Then again, I have never changed my mind about one thing. Health insurance has no business being the responsibility of the Federal Government.

In that respect, I’m with Ann Coulter.

Repeal Obamacare and submit as the “replacement” a bill that states, “There shall be Free Markets in health insurance.”

It is government involvement in the health insurance industry that caused rates to skyrocket. The solution isn’t going to be found in government.

And I just do not buy the argument that they have to force this unwanted bill down our throats because we don’t have sixty votes in the Senate.

We didn’t have sixty votes in the Senate a year ago either. But a repeal bill still landed on Obama’s desk.

I support the President.

But I do not believe this AHCA is the way to go.

And, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t trust Paul Ryan.

Again, I am with Ann Coulter. President Trump should be advancing his agenda, not the agenda of the Republican leadership in Congress.

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