Yanni versus Laurel the pictorial version

For some reason, Angela Merkel thought this picture was such a win for her, she shared it on her Instagram account.

Yeah. I don’t think this picture comes off the way Angela hopes it does.

First of all, President Trump isn’t looking at Merkel. If anything he’s looking at Macron.

It’s hard to “stare down” somebody who isn’t even looking at you.

But that’s not stopping people from agreeing with Merkel — not everybody. Folks are falling into two very distinct camps.

If anything, that picture is like the pictorial version of Yanni versus Laurel.

Some people see that picture and think: “Boy Merkel sure is tough!” (AKA Yanni)

And others see it and think, “Trump totally owns these people!” (AKA Laurel)

Here’s a typical Yanni person:

In the interests of full disclosure. I’m a Laurel.

Now I realize that the factory default setting for every anti-American Leftist is to side with anybody but the United States.

And so I expect them to Yanni the hell out of that picture.

But the fact is if European nations lose the opportunity to rape the US through unfair trade deals, they’re the ones who are screwed.

And that’s it right there.

Trade deals that screw America while propping up other countries is like the international version of Welfare.

What I see in that picture is the face of a woman who knows she can’t count on America to be her honey pot anymore.

Let’s face it.

Angela Merkel has destroyed Germany through unfettered migration from the Middle East and Africa.

And these folks she’s letting flood Germany? They don’t work – they don’t contribute to Germany’s economy. In fact they are a drain on it.

So imagine what will happen to Germany if it loses its golden goose?

Donald Trump went to the G7 to represent the United States of America – not the Global Collective.

He didn’t go there to suck up to nations that are destroying themselves while expecting the US to bankroll their failure.

And he didn’t go there to party.

Yes, swilling champagne while apologizing for your country and bending over backwards to prop up Merkel’s destruction of Germany is what Leftists think of as “leadership.”

Clearly he’s a Yanni guy.

Obama’s “Leadership” amounted to “selling America down the river in exchanged for a good photo-op.”

No thanks.

To me, “Leadership” means sticking to your guns, standing up for the nation you lead (even if it pisses off your allies), and refusing to be plowed under by money-grubbing globalists.

But then again, I’m a Laurel kinda gal.

The Yanni folks despise the idea of a President who defends America’s interests.

Whereas Laurel folks kinda expect a President to do just that.

But it’s not just Leftists who are in the Yanni camp.

It isn’t “free trade” when our “trading partners” are gouging us with tariffs, you imbecilic old crank.

Majorities of Americans are “pro-globalization?”

It’s as if McCain slept through 2016. Which, when you get right down to it, isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

If the majority of Americans were “pro-globilization,” John, Hillary would have won.

Reading that tweet from McCain, I can’t help but wonder if maybe he voted for Obama in 2008.

Sure, John was on the ballot. But since hatred for McCain runs deep, who can say for sure he voted for himself?

Merkel, Macron, May, Trudeau – these people know their countries cannot stand on their own. Especially now that their precious EU is crumbling around them.

As a result, they need us.

In fact, they need us more than we need them.

On Planet Earth that’s not called Yanni or Laurel. It’s called “Leverage.”

President Trump understands that. He knows he’s holding the cards. And because of that he can negotiate from a position of strength.

John McCain – Chief Mugwump of the Surrender Party – doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t possess that kind of strength.

Nor does he put America First.

Contrary to what the Yanni people think, the word “ally” is not synonymous with the word “doormat.”

America is an ally to France, Germany, the UK, Canada. But that doesn’t mean we’ll let them walk all over us.

And whether the President is dealing with an enemy or an ally, his sole responsibility remains the same: protect and defend American interests.

Even if that means walking away from the table while our allies grumble.

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6 thoughts on “Yanni versus Laurel the pictorial version

  • June 10, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Why do people keep bringing Nikki Haley up for president? South Carolina will NEVER vote for that bitch. Neither will I.

  • June 10, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    The sad part is, it’s Obama’s failure in the Middle East that led to the Syrian refugee crisis that is now destroying Europe. Sure, if Europe had stronger, smarter leaders they could have handled the refugee crisis better, but it is deliciously ironic that president globalization will be the one who destroyed most of a continent with his failed policies.

  • June 10, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    Tell Frau Merkel “lek mine amesh!”

    Bad words but she will weisa (understand)_!

  • June 10, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    Angela Merkel ist Eine Cousine zum Adolph Hitler…….so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  • June 10, 2018 at 8:45 pm

    It looks like Japan’s Abe thinks the same about them as POTUS does.

  • June 12, 2018 at 9:53 am

    Laurel says Laurel.


    Look at Trump in his entirety. Look at his face. Look at his body language including folded arms.


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