Yes, Heidi, do tell us all about your “judgment”

Heidi Heitkamp Judgment

Last night Heidi Heitkamp faced off against her Republican opponent Kevin Cramer in a debate.

And the first thing she had to do was apologize for using the names of sexual assault survivors in an ad without their permission.

Yeah, no. It is definitely not a good look.

Heitkamp began sinking in the polls when she chose to ignore the people of her state and vote No on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

And following that up with this egregious unforced error has pretty much sealed Heidi Heitkamp’s fate.

At this point there’s really no getting out of this mess for Heidi.

In the debate, Heidi defended her Kavanaugh vote in the most ironic way.

Ah, yes.

How ironic is it that Heitkamp is crowing about “the judgment God gave you” shortly after apologizing for her poor judgment in outing sexual assault survivors without their consent?

At the risk of sounding like a “self-hating internalized misogynist,” what the hell is wrong with the Democrat women in the US Senate?

They don’t just make stupid mistakes – that would be bad enough.

But once they make a stupid mistake, they just keep doubling and tripling down.

If I had to provide a visual representation of the week Heidi Heitkamp, Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren are having this would be it.


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