17 Things Leftists Ruined in 2017

Leftists ruined

Let’s be honest. I could probably do 1700 things Leftists ruined in 2017.

I even considered making it 37 to keep with the supremely racist article from Buzzfeed “37 Things White People Ruined in 2017.”

But seventeen is more than enough. I’ll save that longer list for 2037 (if Leftists are still around).

Here we go:

1. Knitting

When everything gets politicized by these cranks, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they ruined knitting.

My Mom is a knitting and crocheting genius. In fact, I’m wearing slippers right now that she made for me a few Christmases ago.

Knitting used to be one of those lovely past times that kept your hands busy while you watched TV or spent time with family.

But then they came along and ruined it.

Leftists ruined knitting

Honestly, I don’t know why they’re so angry at Vanity Fair for suggesting Hillary take up knitting. Didn’t all angry Leftist women take up knitting this year?

2. Awards Shows

Leftists ruined awards shows

To be fair, Hollywood Awards shows were already becoming unwatchable.

But in 2017 Leftists decided to kick it up to Spinal Tap 11.

Leftists are angry and bitter in defeat to be sure. But if you really want to see them unleash hell, watch when they win something.

I thought Meryl Streep’s hateful acceptance speech at the Golden Globes was going to leave the entire theater in ashes and smelling faintly of sulfer.

By tuning in to an awards show, Americans are inviting these ungrateful little cretins into their home. And this is how they behave?

Shrieking profanities and attacking the President just to show how “woke” they are?

There’s a reason the ratings for these black-tie circle jerks are in the toilet.

Who wants this kind of hateful tantrum blaring out of the television set?

3. Ethnic food

For people who demand we be “diverse,” Leftists really hate it when you eat food that is from another culture.

And they go insane if you have the unmitigated gall to actually make it yourself.

Apparently the new rule is only Mexicans can make Mexican food. Only Chinese people can make Chinese food. And food eaten in Israel can’t be referred to as Israeli food because that’s cultural genocide.

¡Ay, caramba!

Wait. Since I’m Scotch/German, I probably broke the rules writing that, didn’t I?

So let me rephrase.

Ach, du liebe zeit, laddie!


What’s odd is they never seem to complain if non-French people eat croissants or goyim eat a bagel.

I guess croissants and bagels – or the people that make them — aren’t culturally diverse enough.

Suddenly I’m craving a bagel.

4. Jokes

I have never met a more humorless lot than Leftists.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Vanity Fair video was mildly humorous. And that’s exactly why they went apoplectic over it.

You’re not allowed to make a joke.

For Pete’s sake. Did you see the meltdown they’re having over this tweet?

In 2017, Leftists had me yelling, “Get a sense of humor, you gormless twits” ten, twenty times a day.

Ironically, the Leftists most angry over anything funny are their so-called “comedians.” Patton Oswalt, Rosie O’Donnell, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin – these guys turn inside out if anyone makes a freaking joke.

What are they – the Boggarts from Harry Potter?

Will the sound of laughter destroy them?

Next time you see a Leftist, laugh really hard, wave your wand and shout, “Riddikulus!” See what happens.

5. Art

Modern art is already pretty much crap. But in 2017 Leftists ruined it even more.

Leftists ruined art

I know they use art therapy to help the clinically depressed recover.

But it seems like that’s the only kind of art these people made in 2017.

I mean, honestly, how many Donald Trump portraits need to be painted using menstrual blood before they get this out of their system?

6. Childhood

2017 will go down as the Year of Woke Children.

Why can’t Leftists just let kids be kids?

On the plus side, these idiotic “My 8-year-old just told me…” tweets are great fodder for people with a sense of humor.

But since Leftists ruined jokes, I’m guessing they won’t appreciate that at all.

7. CNN

Granted, CNN was pretty much pre-ruined. But in 2017 Leftists ruined it even more.

President Trump retweets a hilarious wrestling video and CNN won’t rest until they track down the person who made it and ruin his life.

Then there are the frequent on-air meltdowns from CNN’s primetime hosts.

Forget the constant stream of fake news, CNN has lost all reason.

I mean, come on.

When you resort to hiding in the bushes to film President Trump playing golf, you’ve pretty much graduated from Fake News to crazy ex-girlfriend stalker.

It’s time for all of CNN to get an emotional enema.

8. Holidays

From the way Leftists carried on before Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’d think going home to visit family was the equivalent of being airdropped into Mosul.

And of course they had to have a battle plan to make sure nobody enjoyed their holiday.

Leftists are by nature kill-joys.

They can’t stand the thought that some people might actually enjoy spending time with family.

And if they’re miserable, angry and bitter, then everybody else needs to be miserable, angry and bitter along with them.

9. Football

I’ve never liked football because I think it’s boring.

But just because I don’t like football doesn’t mean I want it ruined for everybody who does.

Then again, I’m not a Leftist.

And thanks to them, football was ruined in 2017 – ruined as a form of entertainment, as a business, as an escape from politics and as a source of TV ratings.

They’re like locusts, Leftists – devouring everything that brings people pleasure or enjoyment.

When you are inherently miserable, it becomes your life’s mission to share that misery with everyone else.

10. Late Night TV

I remember when Saturday Night Live was funny. Ditto the Tonight Show.

But once again, the Left decided to politicize late night TV in the same way they politicize everything.

Johnny Carson and Jimmy Kimmel don’t belong in the same sentence – unless that sentence is pointing out that they have nothing in common.

At least SNL tries to remember it’s a comedy show. Though their idea of humor is nothing more than mean-spirited sniping or ugly insults.

And that just doesn’t make for good entertainment.

Although, I’m sure thirteen year-old girls smoking in the lavatory between classes would find it funny. They like mean girl humor.

Then there’s Jimmy Kimmel. He has taken that staple of late night entertainment and turned it into a tearful, hyperbolic group-therapy session – a sort of CSPAN for the emotionally stunted.

And who the hell wants to watch that right before bed?

11. Flirting

When calling someone “sweetheart” turns a Leftist into a near-babbling heap of trauma, you know that flirting has been ruined.

It was bound to happen.

I said this #MeToo movement will backfire in a big, BIG way.

And it has.

Now you can’t flirt with the girls without being accused of rape.

And if a girl flirts with a guy, the poor man is terrified to reciprocate for fear that she’ll report him to the police.

12. Male/Female relationships

But it isn’t just flirting they ruined.

The entire dynamic between men and women was destroyed in 2017.

Between Leftist women bleating that America is “just like a Handmaid’s Tale!!!” and the #MeToo movement, there’s not much men and women can share.

It makes me think of that scene from Naked Gun where Leslie Nielson and Priscilla Presley have sex in full-body condoms.

Leftists have taken all the excitement, pleasure and banter between men and women and turned into something sinister.

13. Science

For people who love to bleat endlessly about how they are the “Party of Science,” Leftists sure have ruined science.

Climate Change has become a cult.

And the scientific facts about gender and sexual identity have been tossed aside.

Science to the Party of Science is more religious faith than anything resembling the scientific method.

For Pete’s sake, when you are not allowed to question hypotheses or voice skepticism, it isn’t science anymore.

The fact is, intellectual curiosity is no longer permitted.

And if you have the gall to cite scientific evidence that goes against the Left’s dogma, you will be destroyed.

Just ask James Damore (formerly of Google).

14. Pie

Just ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

15. The FBI

I know a lot of people like to say that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

But I’m not sure that’s accurate.

I believe it’s more of a communicable disease – like the clap, herpes, leprosy and typhus all rolled into one.

It infects a host and devours it.

Leftism isn’t a political ideology.

The FBI should be able to function perfectly fine with both Republican and Democrat employees.

But the problem is the Democrat Party became infected with Leftism.

And as a result, most modern-day Democrats are no longer simply people who registered as Democrats.

They’ve become the barking mad lunatics who hate everything, want everyone to be as miserable as they are, and demand we all think like they do.

Nothing for them is “going too far.”

And the only thing they are loyal to is their agenda.

So the FBI became politicized, infected and ruined in 2017.

Sadly, this infecting of the FBI was deliberate. Obama planted a lot of diseased Leftists into every aspect of our government on purpose.

The disease is as the top. And hopefully it can be cured before it spreads down into the body of this law enforcement agency.

Maybe that’ll happen in 2018.

16. Being a Healthy Weight

Thanks to Leftists, being fat is no longer unhealthy.

Of course, like most things Leftists believe, that’s simply not true.

But in their quest to force everyone to accept obesity as “normal,” the Left has ruined the idea that being a healthy weight is a good thing.

Now, it’s “fatphobia” or “fat-shaming.”

This will set back the great strides modern medicine has made in reducing heart disease, diabetes, stroke and a myriad of other preventable diseases.

As I wrote in my October post Denial isn’t just a morbidly obese river in Egypt:

It takes an incredible amount of denial to believe that being morbidly obese does not shorten your life span.
As to her final point, “F— you if you think we don’t deserve to exist.”
Well, to my knowledge, nobody is advocating for killing off the obese.
And why should we?
They’re killing off themselves.
Of course this woman deserves to exist. But she’d exist a hell of a lot longer if she reduced her caloric intake, cut out fatty foods and carbs, and started exercising.
I realize that in an age when everybody wants to demand validation for their self-imposed predicament, “body positivity” and “fat acceptance” aren’t surprising.
But there’s nothing positive about being morbidly obese.
Unless you like having to buy two plane tickets when you travel.

17. Good will

Only Leftists could take something wonderful like Texans coming to their neighbor’s aid after Hurricane Harvey and turn it into something sinister.

Kindness, charity, good will – Leftists have to lift their legs and crap all over it.

Even First Lady Melania Trump tweeting about a young boy she met in a children’s hospital and how he got his donor heart brings out the vicious in these people.

It’s projection, really.

They can’t imagine anyone doing anything simply out of kindness or good will because they don’t do anything out of kindness or good will.

Whenever someone does something beautiful, their go-to response is to grumble and complain.

But it’s hardly a surprise.

The Left is motivated by envy, bitterness, hatred and resentment.

Kindness, charity, family, childhood, love – these things make them recoil in horror the way a vampire recoils at the sight of a cross.

And if they don’t like it, their only recourse is to try and ruin it for everyone else.

Consider how angry they were when Taylor Swift said of 2017, “I couldn’t have asked for a better year.”

It isn’t enough for them to stew in their anger and misery.

They have to force us all to be as angry and miserable as they are.

So here’s my advice for you in 2018.

Enjoy your life.

There is no greater weapon against the darkness than shining bright and loving the life you live.

Will it make them miserable?

Heck yeah.

But let their misery slide off of you like rain on a slicker.

Because, Leftists are like the Boggarts from Harry Potter.

The happier you are, the more you laugh and enjoy your life, the weaker they become.

So in this new year, go ahead, wave your wand and yell, “Riddikulus!”

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    Hoot, lassie! Du hast recht!

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    Why can’t Leftists just let kids be kids?

    Because, from the start, they’ve realized for the brainwashing to work, it’s best to get them as young as possible.

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