1960s Housewives for Kasich

Oy, gevalt.

Where Jeb Bush was running his 2000 Presidential Campaign sixteen years late, John Kasich is apparently running his 1960 Presidential Campaign fifty-six years late.


How did I get elected? Nobody was … I didn’t have anybody for me. We just got an army of people who … um … and … and … many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and to put … put yard signs up for me.

Golly, no wonder Liberals claim Republicans want to put women back in the kitchen.

Hey, John. Did you hear about that Sputnik?! I sure hope Ike is on top of that. We can’t be letting that Khrushchev beat us in the space race.

Sure. Modern women still spend time in the kitchen. I was just in the kitchen myself not fifteen minutes ago feeding the animals and making my coffee. And I’ll probably go back in there soon to do the dishes.

But it’s 2016, John. The image of the housewife in the kitchen wearing an apron and making dinner is one that stopped being an effective campaign strategy before color TV came in vogue.

Something tells me that “1960s Housewives for Kasich” isn’t going to be helping him move up in the polls.

Who the hell is dreaming up John Kasich’s campaign slogans, Don Draper?

What’s next? “A chicken in every pot?” “I’m just wild about Johnny?”

Now, to be fair to Governor Kasich, he isn’t the only presidential candidate who is stuck in the past. Bernie Sanders is too. But where John thinks he’s living in an episode of “The Donna Reed Show,” Bernie thinks he’s an extra in the cast of “Hair.”

But for heaven’s sake, John. Don’t be handing the Democrats campaign attacks on a silver platter. We don’t need to make their lives easier. Because you know they’ll make hay while the sun shines over this silly comment.

1960s Housewives for Kasich

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