2021 End of Year Fundraiser!

2021 End of Year Fundraiser!

As 2021 mercifully comes to a close, it’s time for PatriotRetort.com’s End of Year Fundraiser.

2021 has been a challenging year for conservative websites, let me tell you. After the January 6 riot at the Capitol, I noticed a steep drop-off in engagement coming from Facebook and Twitter. Before 2021, Facebook alone accounted for thousands of hits a week. Now, engagement from Facebook is so limited, I’m lucky if I can get five hundred hits a week from that garbage site. They are really throttling down on right-leaning political sites.

With search engines like Google going out of their way to keep conservative sites hidden and the social media shadow bans, this year I finally gave up having ads at PatriotRetort.com. Why bother? There’s no point in annoying you with stupid internet ads when they aren’t even generating pocket change, you know? I could find more money between the couch cushions.

Don’t mistake this for bitching. I’m not bitching. It’s just the reality right now. No sense in bitching about something that isn’t likely to change.


Once we bid farewell to 2021 I’ll have to cough up the entire annual 2022 web hosting fee. That’s a big expense that hits me every January, and your donations will help me get that paid on time.

If you can afford to donate this week, it would be so appreciated. Every little bit helps, believe me.

You can hit the DONATE button along the sidebar to contribute, or if you prefer, you can set up a recurring monthly donation by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button.

For those of you who don’t like using online payment processing, you are welcome to send a check via snail mail. Make checks payable to Diann Russell and send them to:

PO Box 66
LaFayette, NY 13084

If you can’t donate, please don’t sweat it. I know we’re all stinging from higher prices right now. Whether you donate or not, your readership here at PatriotRetort.com is so very much appreciated.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be happy to kick the dust of 2021 off my shoes. Who knew it was possible to have so many disastrous things happen in one year?

Here’s hoping 2022 brings much-needed improvements.

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One thought on “2021 End of Year Fundraiser!

  • December 28, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    I don’ t know how it would work or how it would go over, but perhaps one on those thermometer graphs showing how much you need and where things stand. I can’t afford to contribute much but I would be willing to help a little bit more if I knew what was needed.

    If you need a gazillion dollars I don’t think you readership could help, but a few thousand dollars may be possible. It’s just that without a target we don’t know what to shoot for.

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