If this is 4-D Chess, are the Democrats winning?

4-D Chess

I’ve been battling a stomach bug for the last several days – the downside of the immunosuppressant I’m on.

So I didn’t see the news that Schumer and Pelosi had released a victory statement about their meeting with President Trump until I was going to bed.

I saw the typical responses on Twitter.

Don’t worry folks! It’s 4-D Chess! It’s 4-D Chess!

My default setting when it comes to Pelosi and Schumer is to disbelieve anything they say.

So I take this statement of theirs with a grain of salt the size of a salt lick.

But then this morning I saw Donald Trump’s tweets.

And either President Trump is on board with the Democrats regarding the DREAM Act.

Or Jeb Bush hijacked the President’s Twitter feed.

The only good news from Mr. Trump’s morning tweets was this:

Okay, so Chuck and Nancy jumped the gun when they claimed a deal had been struck.

But that’s hardly a surprise.

They wanted to get their message out there first so that they could be the ones controlling narrative.

It’s called 4-D Chess.

And I would dismiss them outright were it not for those tweets where Trump is channeling Jeb Bush.

I said last week after President Trump made that deal with Pelosi and Schumer that the Democrats do not negotiate in good faith.


And while he may be willing to work with them on the DREAM Act, they will never give him a single concession in return.

Especially when it comes to border security and building the Wall.

And while I get the whole, “Trump won’t betray his base, keep your powder dry” people.

I do have some serious concerns.

No matter what President Trump does, the Democrats will be able to treat it as a win.

If they pass the DREAM Act without any security measure included and Trump vetoes the bill, Democrats will have a field day.

They’ll be able to peddle their “Donald Trump is cruel and inhumane” narrative day and night – a narrative the Enslaved Press will happily amplify.

And if he signs it without any of his demands included, the Democrats will dance on his grave knowing he’s betrayed his base.

But the truth is, even if Trump gets his concessions on border security, they can still play up the “Trump betrayed his base” angle.

And trust me. The Democrats will play that up big league.

So where does that leave us?

Because as things stand now, in this game of 4-D Chess, the Democrats look like they’re one move away from mate.

I realize that we can never trust the Democrats or the Enslaved Press to tell us the truth.

And if there’s one thing they’ve wanted to be able to do these past two years, it’s drive a wedge between Donald Trump and his supporters.

It is very possible that all this Kabuki is just another attempt to separate the President from his most loyal supporters.

And if it weren’t for those Jeb Bush-esque tweets of President Trump’s, I would think that’s all there is to it.

But when the President himself is defending the Democrats’ DREAM Act, it’s hard to blame that on Pelosi, Schumer or the Enslaved Press.

There is one silver lining.

And that is the President’s use of Twitter.

Not only does he use it to bypass the mainstream media, but his supporters use it to get their message to him.

And right now, President Trump is being inundated by angry supporters demanding that he not betray them on the one issue that got him elected.

Hopefully, he shows them at least as much respect and consideration as he is showing Chuck and Nancy.

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4 thoughts on “If this is 4-D Chess, are the Democrats winning?

  • September 14, 2017 at 10:23 am

    If Trump reneges on his campaign promise [they must go back and come in legally], he will be a one term President. He must surely realise that no democrat will ever vote for him no matter what concessions he makes, and no republican will ever again vote for him because of his broken promises. The question is: who is pulling his strings now?

  • September 14, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Take a look at Breitbart this morning as of 8:29 am MDT

  • September 14, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    If we wanted a JEB! We would have voted for it.

  • September 15, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Never bet against Trump until his endgame becomes clear. He is maneuvering to expose his opposition in the GOP.

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