What could you do with 90 million dollars?

In less than two weeks, the Obama family will take their final taxpayer-funded vacation to Hawaii. By the time they return to Washington, they will have spent about 90 million dollars on vacations.

Tell me. How many of you could spend 90 million dollars on eight years’ worth of vacations?

What could you do with that kind of money?

Thanks to the Obama economy, there are 95 million Americans no longer in the labor force.

But what do those people matter to the Obamas? Not when there are lavish vacations to be had.

The Obamas have taken advantage of us for eight years.

While they lectured us about having “skin in the game” and “paying our fair share,” they’ve been living off of us like parasites.

It’s shameful really.

But these people have no shame.

Barack Obama just told Rolling Stone that the first thing he would do after he left the White House was take Michelle on a “well-deserved vacation.”

So why fly to Hawaii for two and a half weeks a month before he leaves office?


Because we’re footing the bill.

And these opportunistic parasites aren’t going to pass up one final taxpayer-funded blow-out.

90 million dollars.

That’s an obscene amount of money to bilk from the American taxpayers just to play golf in Palm Springs or Florida or two weeks in Martha’s Vineyard, or shopping in Paris. Or paradise holidays in Hawaii.

These people have no shame. None.

I don’t care how rich people spend their own money. It’s their money. They earned it. If they want to spend three months out of the year vacationing, I don’t care.

But the Obamas are rich people who are spending our money. On golf outings, African safaris, two weeks a year in Martha’s Vineyard, two weeks a year in Hawaii.

They’ve lived like royalty while we pick up the tab.

People like you and I pick up the tab.

And we’ll never be rid of the burden of footing the bill for the Obamas.

When they leave the White House, odds are they will profit from Barack’s time as president and become even more fabulously wealthy. Despite that, they will continue to receive an annual paycheck courtesy of you and me thanks to the 1958 “Former Presidents Act.”

I said back in March, this “Former Presidents Act” needs to be revised to read:
“Any President who leaves office earning less than $250,000 a year will receive a pension and expenditures. Every other President can suck it up, pay their own way or go pound sand.”

Knowing that Barack Obama wasted 90 million dollars of our money on his lavish, royal lifestyle while in office, I’d include this caveat to the revised Act:
“Any President who uses millions of dollars of taxpayer money on vacations and golf outings will have his Former President’s pay garnished until he has paid back that money to the American people.”

Of course Barack Obama would have to live to the ripe old age of 250 to finally pay us back.

Hat tip Judicial Watch.

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One thought on “What could you do with 90 million dollars?

  • December 7, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Throw in taxes, both state and federal, devaluation through quantitative easing, inflation and ever rising cost of living expenses, less than 1% interest rates for savings, and foolish spending habits their actual gain spread out over the last 8 years would be meager. But, your point about the Obama’s wasting our taxpayer $$$$$$$$$ is absolutely valid, and beautifully highlights their “get it while you can-do attitude!”

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