A credibility problem


A few days ago, I mentioned to friends on Facebook that it’s too bad I never watch the NFL because if I did, I could join the boycott of the NFL. The things I miss.

Likewise, it’s a shame I cancelled my cable TV almost four years ago. Because if I hadn’t, I could ceremoniously cancel my cable and let them know CNN is the reason.

Who knew I was ahead of the curve?

As it is, I’ve stopped going to the CNN website. Of course the only reason I went there to begin with was to provide myself fodder for some scathing posts about the Enslaved Press.

CNN is making hay over these incredible (as in “not credible”) women accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior. These gals’ credibility comes apart like a cheap sweater under even the mildest scrutiny.

Which, come to think of it, is why the Enslaved Press isn’t subjecting them to even the mildest scrutiny.

This comes as a shock to nobody.

When you consider in 2008, the Enslaved Press refused to vet Barack Obama for the highest office in the land, is it really surprising that they are not willing to vet all these accusers they’ve gathered to smear Trump?

But the problem isn’t the lack of credibility among the women.

The problem is the lack of credibility among the Enslaved Press.

Nobody believes them anymore.

And nobody trusts them.

In fact, I’d venture the only person who is trusted less than the hacks in the Enslaved Press is the candidate they are trying to push across the finish line.

When you have no credibility left, nobody gives a damn about the “exclusive,” “breaking” allegations you try to shove down our throats.

Americans are tuning these people out.

I mentioned yesterday that the problem with the Enslaved Press is once they get away with something, the next time, they push harder and end up overplaying their hand.

In 2008 they got away with rigging the election for Barack Obama.

When you succeed in something that big, you’re bound to get a little cocky.

And these guys believed they could do it again in 2016.

But it’s not 2008 is it?

If you want to know why the American people no longer trust the Enslaved Press, the 2008 election and subsequent shielding of Barack Obama are the reason.

Their own slavish devotion to Obama is what lost them credibility.

It isn’t like they were subtle.

Neither were their attacks against anyone opposed to Obama.

The Enslaved Press targeted not just politicians but private ordinary citizens from Joe the Plumber to the Tea Party.

They accused ordinary citizens who joined Tea Party rallies of being racists, teabaggers, Nazis.

Occupy Wall Street cretins were raping women in Ziccotti Park, but the Enslaved Press treated them like heroes.

The Tea Party was picking up the garbage at the end of their rallies, and we were treated like monsters.

By the time Obamacare was rammed down our throats, the Enslaved Press had squandered what little credibility they had left.

By 2016, Americans have no expectation of receiving unbiased, objective reporting from these fools.

We know they lie. And we don’t trust them.

The problem with these vicious smears against Donald Trump isn’t just that these accusers have no credibility.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The credibility problem belongs to the Enslaved Press.

They are the proverbial boy who cried wolf.

They’ve lied to us and slandered us for far too long.

When the New York Times is willing to publish inflammatory reporting with about as much fact-checking behind it as a Weekly World News story about an alien baby born to a nun in Toledo, you have no credibility.

As I said yesterday, what astounds me the most is that these discredited former members of “The Press” are selling out what is left of their reputations for a dreadful, miserable, corrupt woman like Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That is how low they’re willing to sink.

They’ve become like the heroin addict who sells her child into sex slavery just to get a fix.

They have no shame, no moral compass.

And they certainly have no credibility.

Back in 2010, I watched Andrew Breitbart at CPAC. He looked out at the cameras and addressed the Enslaved Press directly.

He told them, “We are on to you.”

Andrew was right.

And in their desperation to regain their influence over voters, the Enslaved Press have gone too far.

The end result of this reckless behavior may very well be the exact opposite of what they had hoped.

Their over-the-top hysterical reporting has become so repugnant, it just might help get Donald Trump elected in November.

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2 thoughts on “A credibility problem

  • October 15, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Poor Cooper probably never watched television as a kid.One of the Vanderbilts’ servants did it for him.

  • October 15, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Also, they keeping pulling out fake victims to smear Trump, the more damage they are doing to real victims of sexual assault They will be afraid to speak out, afraid people are going to label them as phonies. Just like the damage that was done after the Duke rape hoax.

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