A Good Guy with a Gun


Okay, does somebody want to fill me in?

Do you live here?

No! You know that. Buffy… I’m lost here. You… What’s up with your hair?

They don’t know who they are, everyone’s become a monster.
It’s a whole big thing. How are you?

There is suddenly pounding all around them – and THE LIGHTS GO OUT. Buffy shrieks and grabs Cordelia.

Do you mind?

(to Angel)
Take the princess here and secure the kitchen. Cat woman, you’re with me.

Cordelia hands Buffy over to Angel and follows Xander into the living room.

But, I don’t want to go with you -I like the man with the musket.


Do you have a musket?

[Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Halloween”]

Let me ask you a hypothetical question.

Let’s say you find yourself in a very bad part of town. Two people offer to walk you to your car.

One, a metrosexual who’s in touch with his feminine side, feels deeply guilty about any micro-aggressions he’s unknowingly committed due to his inherent White Privilege, and has yet to master the art of the chick fight.


Two, a young lady with a permit to carry a gun, who trains regularly on the range, taking various shooting classes to improve her skills.

Whom would you choose?

Liberals are creating a perfect storm of circumstances that are putting the American people at risk.

They have all but destroyed the black family. They have segregated blacks in urban areas that are then run into the toilet by generations of Liberal Democrat “leadership.” These urban areas that are now overrun by gang violence and nearly nightly killings.

They have flung our borders wide open allowing anyone from anywhere to come into our country legally, illegally, no matter.

They have then released onto the American public criminal illegals — even those convicted of rape, assault, and even murder.

They are importing “refugees” from Muslim countries and scattering them throughout the fifty states. Many of these people deeply sympathetic to the “Death to America” jihadists who have declared war on us.

ISIS is encouraging their crackpot, demonic psycho followers to commit acts of terror against Americans like the one in Moore, Oklahoma (which, recall please, the satanic little creep who beheaded Colleen Hufford was stopped by a good guy with a gun).

They have established gun-free Fish-in-a-Barrel zones where the only defense unarmed citizenry have against a criminal armed with a gun is the police — provided the police get there on time.

Speaking of the police. They have vilified the police to the point where they have effectively neutered them (and making them targets for a criminal armed with a gun).

And now, they want to restrict our right to bear arms so that we have no effective defense against any of it.

Every single firewall that protects this nation is being stripped away.

And in the midst of this raging perfect storm, they want to disarm the citizenry.

Anybody else getting the idea that this is by design?

There is no better way to conquer a nation than to leave its citizens helpless, unable to protect themselves, unable to defend themselves, unable to fight back.

Isn’t it odd that in America in the Age of Obama, you have the right to pee in the girl’s lav if you’re a boy, but you don’t have the right to protect yourself or your loved ones?

I’m with Buffy.

I like the good guy with a gun.

Actually, I would much rather be that good guy with a gun. Or, good gal with a gun as the case may be.

Most of are with Buffy on this one.

We want to be safe. And we don’t want to leave our safety exclusively in the hands of others.

And, let’s be honest here. Our personal safety is paramount. And, it is our primary right.

What good is having the God-given right to Life if you cannot protect that life?

Governments are there to secure our rights, not determine them, not to alter or restrict them, and certainly not to make them infinitely more difficult to exercise.

A right to Life isn’t just a right to exist while being led around like pliant sheep — being told where to live, how to eat, what words you are permitted to say, what health insurance you must have, what hourly wage you must be paid, what “privilege” you must feel guilty over, or what cable news channels the President is okay with you watching.

A right to Life is a right to autonomy, self-determination.

And self-defense.

It is a basic, fundamental human need. To protect oneself.

In the best of circumstances, we have the right to self-defense.

But in this perfect storm? It is not only a right, but a necessity.

The firewalls are down.

Under Obama we have seen so many of our protective layers stripped away.

We may very well be the last line of defense.

And it is a line that we simply cannot permit this President to cross.

μολὼν λαβέ

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