A little friendly advice

A little friendly advice

As the battle rages on and we learn more about the level of cheating and fraud taking place in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and even Georgia, I thought I’d take a moment this morning to offer you guys a little friendly advice.

In fact, this friendly advice is brought to you by Michael Corleone from The Godfather Part III.

Michael’s hot-head nephew Vincent is angrily spouting off and making threats, and Michael says to him, “Never let anyone know what you’re thinking.” Which is the same friendly advice the Godfather gave to Vincent’s father Sonny in the first movie.

Only he told Sonny “Never let anyone outside of the family know what you’re thinking.”

Right now as we face an uphill battle against an enemy that will do anything to gain power, this friendly advice from the Corleones is timely.

While there is much that disgusted me about the so-called ResistanceLOL, the one thing about them that played in our favor was their complete inability to keep their emotions in check.

We always knew exactly what they were thinking because the slack-jawed fools couldn’t stop wearing their thoughts and feelings on their sleeves.

You had the lunatics who would film themselves screeching, crying and angrily making vows of revenge then posting those unhinged video screeds on social media.

Then there were the Hollywood celebrities and blue checkmark Leftists who treated Twitter like their therapist – divulging to the entire world every unhealthy thought or murderous fantasy that stomped through their heads.

They “screamed helplessly at the sky.”

They carried on like lunatics while screaming in the faces of Trump supporters and driving them out of restaurants, coffee shops, stores and every public place.

The ResistanceLOL made folk heroes of the most unhinged and ludicrous members of Congress who shared this inability to play it cool.

The media ResistanceLOL went completely insane live on television night after night – spewing hateful rhetoric, openly attacking ordinary Americans while accusing us of every sin under the sun.

All of this was a massive mistake on the part of the ResistanceLOL.

Never let anyone know what you’re thinking. This gives your enemy far too much power over you.

Had the ResistanceLOL played it as cool as Corleone for the last four years, I’m thinking this election would have gone very differently. Biden would’ve secured an indisputable victory on Tuesday, the Democrat majority in the House would have expanded further, and Chuck Schumer would be the new Senate Majority Leader.

But the ResistanceLOL didn’t have the cold calculation of the Corleones. They let their opponents know exactly what they were thinking — every day and at maximum, unhinged volume.

They wore their hatred and derangement like a red Handmaid cloak for the world to see.

As a result, Tuesday normal Americans rejected their brand of crazy and chiseled away at the House majority, held the Senate and prevented Biden from capturing a landslide victory.

In the end, the ResistanceLOL was its own worst enemy.

Back to my friendly advice.

What’s happening right now isn’t just unfair, it is criminal. We are watching in real time an effort to undermine our free and fair elections. The fraud and cheating is so in your face, it’s impossible to ignore.

Sure, we could take the ResistanceLOL route and try to burn the whole place down while we scream helplessly at the sky and voice every enraged thought that goes stomping through our heads.

Or we can play it cool as a Corleone.

We knew what we were up against before the election. We knew the media and big tech would place a thumb on the scale. And we knew the Democrat machines in blue cities would exploit the push for mail-in ballots in order to cheat.

The Trump campaign knew it as well — which is why lawyers were deployed before the polls even closed.

I’m not saying don’t be angry. Be angry. But be smart. Never let anyone know what you’re thinking. Don’t give them ammunition; instead, keep your powder dry.

One of the other things Michael tells Vincent is this: “Never hate your enemies; it affects your judgment.” And we need to keep a clear head.

Learn from the mistakes of the foolish, undisciplined ResistanceLOL.

Don’t be a hot-head; be as cold and calculating as a Corleone.

That’s my friendly advice to you.

You can take it or leave it.

But I hope you’ll take it.

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One thought on “A little friendly advice

  • November 5, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    In 2008, Obama received over 69 million votes — it was a love affair. This time, Biden has received more than 71 million — it is not a love affair of Biden. Of course, the population of the country has grown by 20 million or more in that time, there is an overabundance of hate of Trump on the Left, and there is enormous money to finance dirty tricks. But even with shenanigans, 71 million is not a number to discount regardless of who ultimately wins the presidency. I think the mail-in ballot made the difference; and not because of the opportunity of fraud (which is great and which undoubtedly happened). The great majority of Republican voters like going to the polls (enduring potentially cold, wet weather, standing in long lines to sign the voting register or show their precinct cards, and then vote in a booth; Democrats, not so much. But our society has changed over the years — we do so much more of our business impersonally, on-line. The mail-in ballot afforded Dems a more comfortable way to vote. Were it not for the convenience of voting at home, do you think 71 million Dems would have stood in line to vote for a dementia-ridden Biden? I don’t.

    Looking ahead, mail-in ballots are but a temporary stop on the road to full automated computer voting — a voting app our phones. If the GOP ever wants to rise to the top again, it quickly needs to come-to-terms with this reality. Like it or not, today’s world is “instant this” and “an app for that.” The Trump Presidency, from the perspectives of both supporters and detractors, has shown us the power of tech messaging. It’s time for a brave Republican, interested in 2024, to sit down with some conservative, tech wizards (they exist) and formulate a strawman on how computer voting can be introduced (with ideas on safeguards, security, etc., etc.) in the future and then take it to the people. It’s how you build that bridge. I don’t ever see us going back to the tradition of voting booths, hence, it’s time for the GOP to think ahead and start moving in that direction.

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