“Abolish Police” City Council Members get private security

This is just chef’s kiss perfect.  Three members of the Minneapolis City Council who are pushing to abolish the police have retained the services of a private security firm to the tune of $4,500 a day.

Yeah.  I know.

See, apparently these guys have received threats.  So as they work to remove law enforcement from Minneapolis taxpayers, they require said taxpayers to foot the bill for the city council members’ private security.

Thus far, Minneapolis has spent more than sixty thousand taxpayer dollars to provide private security to the people who want to leave those taxpayers unprotected.

Funny how these guys aren’t demanding the city pay for their own private social workers or private “crisis facilitators.” Nope.  They get private security – you know, guys with guns who are licensed to use them in order to protect these “abolish the police” cranks.

Who didn’t see this coming from a million miles away?

From the Minneapolis local Fox affiliate:

Councilmember Andrea Jenkins said she has been asking for security since she was sworn in. She said current threats have come in the form of emails, letters, and posts to social media.

“My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” wrote Jenkins in an email.

Ah, yes.  Minneapolis is well known for its large and growing “white nationalist” community.  How else do you explain the election of Ilhan Omar and the skinny-jeans-wearing Mayor?

This was my favorite part:

Jenkins said she has not reported the threats to Minneapolis Police because she has been preoccupied with the dual crisis of the “global pandemic and global uprising” over the killing of George Floyd.

Yes, because we all know how involved local city council members get with “global” issues.  Who does this woman think she is, Margaret Thatcher?

“Oh my god! I’m getting threatened!  I’m scared for my life!  I’d call the police, but, gee, I am so preoccupied with a global pandemic and global uprising to bother! Instead, I’ll make the city pay for my own private security that I coincidentally have been asking for since I got elected.”

Does Andrea Jenkins think people are dumb enough to believe this garbage?

Well, she got elected to office, so I guess she has reason to think that.

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3 thoughts on ““Abolish Police” City Council Members get private security

  • June 27, 2020 at 10:49 am

    I’m not really shocked. I really don’t care cuz these people will vote her back into office all the while being blissfully ignorant.

  • June 27, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    My Buddy McCleod got out of the Army in September 1975. I still had a couple of year sleft on m Second enlistment. Me and My brother Joe took him home to Neche, North Dakota.
    while there We visited with His Wife to Be in North Western Minnesota. Me, My wife and Brother visited friends in Rochester, Minnesota in August 2010 I flew thru Minneapolis-Saint Paul in 2001 coming back from the Philippines. I Flew thru Going to the Philippines in September 2019. Everything apeared Normal each time I visited there. WHAT HAPPENED?????

    • June 28, 2020 at 2:43 am

      Barack Obama imported a million Muslim terrorists and settled them in Minnesota to get a few elected and start the Sharia takeover. That’s what happened.

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