Adam Kinzinger (who can’t move past Trump) wants GOP to move past Trump

Adam Kinzinger (who can’t move past Trump) wants GOP to move past Trump

Poor Adam Kinzinger.

The only reason anyone ever heard of this guy at all is because he’s a Republican Congressman in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome who never passes up an opportunity to appear on CNN or MSNBC to burp out his Trump Hate.

Adam Kinzinger, like Liz Cheney, voted to impeach President Trump last month.

In the interests of full disclosure, my Republican Congressman, John Katko, also voted to impeach Donald Trump this last time.

But the reason nobody knows John Katko’s name is because, unlike Adam Kinzinger, he didn’t run to the microphones to crow endlessly about it.

Kinzinger, on the other hand, can’t shut up about Trump. Trump-Trump-Trumpity-Trump. He’s like a broken record.

He’s like a Bulwark writer only with a full head of hair and a single chin.

Adam Kinzinger’s raison d’être is attacking Donald Trump all day every day, and preferably in front of news cameras. And if no cameras are around, attacking Trump on Twitter will do in a pinch.

So it is rather ironic that this Trump-fixated guy who just can’t quit him is proclaiming that the only way the Republican party can win elections is to move past Trump.

And by “we,” Adam doesn’t include himself. Because Adam won’t move past Trump, nor will he loosen his embrace.

Sure, he isn’t embracing Trump so much as he embraces Trump Hate. It’s mother’s milk to Mr. Kinzinger.

Trump lives rent-free in Adam Kinzinger’s head — so much so, Adam might as well get “Trump Tower” tattooed on his forehead.

For Adam, moving on from Trump means returning to backbencher status. That ain’t gonna happen.

Trump is the drug Adam can’t quit.

Even his call to move on from Trump is, in reality, just another reason to prattle on about Trump for the foreseeable future.

If Adam Kinzinger really wanted to move on from Trump, he’d shut the hell up about him.

And trust me on this. That is not an option.

The media only elevated Adam because he is a Republican who hates Trump as much as they do. Adam knows this.

If he actually did move on from Trump, all those invites from cable news would dry up overnight. And Adam Kinzinger would go back to being an unknown backbencher nobody outside of his district has ever heard of.

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One thought on “Adam Kinzinger (who can’t move past Trump) wants GOP to move past Trump

  • February 25, 2021 at 10:09 am

    I live in the 16th district. until 2010 we had a real conservative named Don Manzullo, who NEVER sold us out. Then the democrats gerrymandered two republican-held districts together to ensure getting rid of one. It looks more and more like they may have had their thumb on the scale when this sellout punk took over and has been stabbing us in the back ever since. I sure hope someone challenges him in 2022. I’ll sure vote for them.

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