Adam Schiff’s “Well Oh Yeah?!” Memo

Yesterday Democrat Adam Schiff announced that he and the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee have written their own memo to counter the memo written by Devin Nunes.

No, really. I’m serious.

I can just picture it.

Schiff Memo

On Monday, Schiff and the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee will call for a vote for their memo to be released to the rest of Congress so they can read that one too.

In the statement he released to the press, Schiff said:

“The Russians, who are pushing the campaign to declassify this information through its social media bots and trolls, will no doubt be thrilled. We would strongly urge against this course, but would have to insist that our memorandum be likewise made public so that the entire nation is not then misled.”

Think of this as the “Well oh yeah?!” memo.

Even in his sanctimonious press release, Schiff can’t help but lie. It isn’t Russian “social media bots and trolls” that are behind the push to release the Nunes memo, but regular old Americans.

Which is exactly why Schiff has shifted gears and cobbled together his “Well oh yeah?!” memo.

Trust me. He knows how bad it is.

Adam Schiff’s entire raison d’être depends on keeping the myth of RussiaGate alive.

And if this memo is as damaging to the Obama FBI and DOJ — not to mention the Mueller investigation — as has been implied, Schiff’s world collapses.

Plus, I’m sure Schiff is already feeling the heat over his own perfidy in leaking to the press.

Which is part of the reason Schiff’s statement is so, well, shifty.

He actually says at one point:

“If this becomes the new standard for the declassification of information revealing sources and methods, this Administration and Majority will have reached a dangerous new low, trading our national security interests for political benefit.”

Yeah. Says the leaker.

It really is striking just how little self-awareness Democrats have.

But I’m not surprised that Schiff is putting together his own “Well oh yeah?!” memo.

The “Russian bots” narrative fell apart at the starting gate.

And when it comes to preventing the American people from knowing the truth of this sham, Schiffy is running out of time

Hat tip Byron York.

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2 thoughts on “Adam Schiff’s “Well Oh Yeah?!” Memo

  • January 25, 2018 at 9:35 am

    Actually the demonrats are scared to death that this will hit the fan and their croneys, the main Stream media will not be able to hide it anylonger. WORSE THAN WATERGATE!

  • January 25, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    If the memo is not released it will create a conspiracy theories larger than any in American history. We the people have the right to know. Let er loose and let the fecal material impact the rotary oscillator.

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