Alexandria uses her Victim Card so often, I hope it has a no spending limit

 Alexandria uses her Victim Card so often

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got roundly mocked for putting on a fake black accent while speaking to the crowd at Sharpton’s NAN, it took no time before she cried foul and pulled out her trusty Victim Card.

Fact is, Alexandria deploys the Victim Card so often, I hope it has a no-spending limit.

She can go from insufferable tough guy to crying victim faster than Clark Kent changes into Superman.

Actually, Alexandria reminds me of this dog.

She’s so tough with her “clap-backs” and “owns” until someone claps back at her.  When that happens, out comes the Victim Card as she yelps and whines to her slobbering followers.

Last night when she immediately shifted into Victim, she claimed that, well, here’s that she claimed:

[Notice how she goes from “step right off” to “it is so hurtful” in just two tweets?]

So the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra went and found the audio from her speaking at the Women’s March and at the rally against Kavanaugh.

And guess what?

The fake black accent was nowhere to be heard.

And when Saavedra tweeted those clips to Alexandria to prove her wrong, how did super-brave, Queen of the Clap-Backs respond?

Of course she blocked him.

Ryan Saavedra is one of the people who is relentless at calling this phony to the carpet.  And, more importantly, he isn’t deterred when she pulls out her Victim Card.

Alexandria is quickly learning that, just like some businesses don’t accept American Express, not every person on social media accepts the Victim Card.

Now, I never expected Alexandria to say, “You know what? I did put on a fake black accent. It was probably a stupid and insulting thing to do.  But I got caught up in the moment and since I have no internal filter, revel in being the center of attention, and lack human empathy, I just went with it.”

The problem she has is not uncommon among young people who find themselves in the center of a national media storm.  In fact, that’s why, very early on, I referred to her as the David Hogg of Socialism.

Like David Hogg, Alexandria got thrust into the spotlight so quickly, she wasn’t able to adjust to the instant fame.  And it went to her head.

Worse still, she suffers from a toxic brew of narcissism and insecurity.

She thinks so highly of herself that she blunders ahead without thinking things through – confident that every idea that stomps through her head is brilliant.

So when people criticize her or call her out for her stupidity, she melts down. She’s so deeply insecure, it is impossible for her to resist lashing out in anger at every single criticism that comes her way.

And when that doesn’t work, Alexandria hides behind her sycophantic followers and deploys the Victim Card in hopes that they will fight her battles on her behalf.

An enormous ego housed in such an insecure vessel means Alexandria goes from self-aggrandizing narcissist to helpless, picked-on victim in the blink of an eye.

So much so that simply observing that rapid transformation really should come with a warning label: “Caution: Watching Alexandria shift gears could cause whiplash.”

But playing the Victim Card feeds Alexandria’s insatiable ego just as much as fawning crowds at an MSNBC Town Hall.

Because let’s face it.  In today’s culture being a Victim is considered the highest achievement one can attain.  So even if she has to resort to yanking out the Victim Card and whining, she’s still getting that boost in ego she so desperately needs.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the national spotlight for less than a year.  And already that toxic brew of narcissism and insecurity is getting the better of her.

At this point, if you’re anything like me, you decided the way to respond to Alexandria is to laugh at her.  And that’s probably the best attitude to take.

Because a woman with an ego as big as all outdoors but whose skin is as thin as parchment just can’t handle being the butt of anyone’s jokes.

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2 thoughts on “Alexandria uses her Victim Card so often, I hope it has a no spending limit

  • April 6, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    Yeah, she’s totally insufferably and obnoxious. She breaks one of my two cardinal rules. I guess Obama is to blame for my first cardinal rule: politicians should be instantly disqualified from ever holding office if they use the word folks. In politicians mouths ‘folks’ is smarmy and condescending. My other cardinal rule is that anyone who answers a question by saying ‘that’s a good question’ is infuriatingly condescending to the questioner.

  • April 6, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    Yes! The “Folks” or the “My Friends” ala McCain. UGH! Obnoxious!

    Anyway, the smart thing for O’Queso to do would be to say:

    “LIKE…. *eyes darting left and right*
    Soooo, you know HOW, uhhmmm, *mouth open*
    When you hang aroouuuund peeeeple *fingers pointed at self*
    who have Ack’sehhhhnts and you like, kinda, end up, um talking like them, aiaaaaaandt…
    *head cocked to the left*
    OK So THAT is WHAT. I. WAS. Dooeeng. *waves one arm over head*
    It WASN’T meant as, uhhhm, as like,
    *both arms bent at elbows, palms up*
    uhhhm to beeee… offensiiiive.

    Thaat’s just the RIGHT twisting mai werds. *blinks hard once. Neck rolls*

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