Alisyn Camerota: Making Emily Litella look good

Boy, I gotta tell you. I watched the two video clips The Right Scoop has of Alisyn Camerota’s interview with Dr. Ben Carson and the first thing that went through my head was, “Wow. She’s making Emily Litella look good.”

If Emily Litella could get up in arms over the Eagle Rights Amendment or Violins on television, I suppose it’s nothing for Alisyn Camerota to get up in arms over Ben Carson saying without Fox News, we’d be Cuba.

The only difference is, eventually Emily realized she was wrong and would quietly say, “Never mind.”

I don’t know about you, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for Alisyn Camerota to say “never mind” when somebody finally manages to explain to her that Ben Carson was making what we on Planet Earth call, “A joke.”

Of course, CNN is an entire cable news network made up of Emily Litellas. Okay, we’ll call Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Wolf Blitzer Emile Litella. But you get my point.

Making Emily Litella look good

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