All the News We Print in Fits – UPDATED

I am sitting here laughing my little fanny off over the breaking, earth-shattering news the New York Times has published that Marco Rubio and his wife have racked up seventeen traffic violations since 1997.

That’s *gasp* almost one per year!!!!

And apparently the Times is having a fit over it.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, Senator Rubio hired an attorney that *gasp* advertises!!!!

The Times was good enough to provide a “screen capture” of his ad:

But wait!

It gets worse!

This attorney, if that is in fact what he is, advertises that he will *gasp* help keep you from having to pay for tickets!!!!

Oh, dear heavenly days!!!!!!!

Forget selling State Department favors in exchange for hefty donations to the Clinton Foundation!!

That’s small-time compared to traffic violations!!!

Why, that is just horrifying!!!!!!

Not since Watergate broke on the scene has American politics been rocked so mightily!

The New York Times: All the News We Print in Fits


Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the New York Times received the information for this moronic hit piece from the Democrat Opposition Research firm American Bridge.

It was this Pro-Hillary group that requested the information on Rubio and his wife’s traffic violations from Dade County not either NYT reporters who “wrote” this story.

Read the whole Free Beacon article HERE.

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