Alyssa goes to bat for Handsy Joe Biden

Alyssa goes to bat for Handsy Joe Biden

In an interview with The Intercept last month, a former staffer of Handsy Joe Biden, claimed that in 1993 the then-Senator sexually molested her.

According to Tara Reade, Handsy Joe pinned her against a wall and attempted to penetrate her with the use of his digits.

Given Biden’s history of getting handsy, her claim is getting some attention.  Though not from the corporate news media, of course.  Handsy Joe could be caught on video attempting to finger a woman and the corporate news media would ho-hum it away.

It isn’t hyperbole to say if a woman came forward in September 2018 and accused Brett Kavanaugh of pushing her against the wall while trying to finger her in the privates twenty-seven years ago, the media would have promoted the snot out of her claim.

And not just the media.

Democrats politicians would have too. Like Kirsten Gillibrand. She would have stood before news cameras, and in that simpering little girl voice of hers said, “I believe Tara Reade because she’s telling the truth. You know it by her story; you know it by the fact that she told others at the time it happened.”

And of course the High Priestess of #MeToo, Alyssa Milano, would have promoted the hell out of this if Tara Reade’s accusation was against Kavanaugh, Trump (or any Republican), and not her good friend Handsy Joe.

After all, Alyssa believed Christine Blasey Ford.

In fact, she believed her so much, Alyssa attended Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing wearing smart girl glasses and holding a sign that read “I BELIEVE SURVIVORS. NO ON KAVANAUGH.”

Remember that?

Smart girl glasses

When it came to the flimsy accusations against Kavanaugh, Alyssa needed no evidence or due process. Nope. She just believed.

But apparently we are not all Tara Reade.

Alyssa’s “Believe Survivors” only goes one say: When the “survivor” is accusing someone with whom she politically disagrees.

In that case, Alyssa is quick to skip right over due process and go straight to “#BelieveWomen” while tossing around nonsensical terms like “credibly accused.”

But once a “survivor” accuses someone with whom Alyssa is politically aligned, suddenly she remembers those pesky things like “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty.”

Yesterday on Twitter, Alyssa, who is a full-throated supporter of Handsy Joe Biden, finally addressed her silence over the accusation made against him.

Yes, it’s true. #MeToo can be weaponized for political gain. Just ask Alyssa Milano who weaponized the hell out of it during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“There always needs to be a thorough vetting.”

Okay, that line slays me.

Sure, Alyssa.  That’s why, despite the fact that none of the people who allegedly attended this party with Blasey-Ford had any idea what she was talking about, you continued to believe her.

“Thorough vetting” my ass.

Hahahahaha!!!  I’m telling you, having this little self-awareness is a severe handicap. After the clown show she helped create around Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing, to see this woman burp out nonsense like this? What a piece of work.

Alyssa seems oblivious to the fact that these tweets are an indictment of, well, Alyssa Milano and her hungry, eager exploitation of the baseless accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

And, like every Leftist who knows she’s on the losing side of an argument, Alyssa closed with this entirely predictable comment:

Yup. Don’t bother her by challenging her shifting positions.  This will be her last statement!

It is so much easier to simply hold to the same principles no matter who the accuser or accused might be.

See, I have no idea if Tara Reade is telling the truth. 

Maybe she is; maybe she isn’t.

There is, however, a big difference between Reade and Blasey Ford. Namely Reade actually told people at the time of the incident. Not only that, Reade claims that she attempted to file a claim of sexual harassment against then-Senator Fingers and was told to find another job.

Blasey Ford told no one of this early 1980s “incident” – not friends, family, the police, nobody — until she mentioned it to a shrink thirty years later.

But even with Reade, the accusation still boils down to a he said/she said.

Actually, it doesn’t even boil down to that because the “he” in this instance, Handsy Joe himself, has never directly addressed Reade’s accusation at all.

And see that’s why I know that Alyssa’s newfound respect for due process is baloney.

It’s easy to claim that accusations need to be thoroughly vetted when you know the news media will not do a single thing to vet them.  Nobody has asked Handsy Joe Biden about Tara Reade’s accusations.

Not one cable or network news show has confronted the senile old coot about it in any of their interviews with him. And except for a few online outlets, they’re not even reporting that the accusation exists.

I did a search of “Tara Reade” at both and, and not a peep. Nothing. Zip.

Reade’s accusation isn’t going to be reported, let alone vetted.

And Alyssa Milano knows that.

But here’s the thing. Alyssa has her own podcast.

If she really stood by the claims she’s making now, Alyssa could bring Tara Reade on to vet the claims herself.

Alyssa has had Joe Biden on her podcast before. Why not invite him again and ask him directly?

But she won’t.

She won’t do a thing.  She won’t, pardon the pun, lift a finger to vet it.

Because she not on the side of #BelieveWomen.  She’s not on the side of the truth.

Alyssa is on the side of political expedience.

In fact, political expedience is the only consistency between her Kavanaugh position and the one she holds today.

If we’re lucky, Alyssa’s shameless hypocrisy will end her tenure as an “intellectual leader” of the ResistanceLOL.

Though that’s unlikely.

After all, if her Kavanaugh foolery didn’t end it, if her face-plant over Jussie Smollett didn’t end it, I doubt this bit of #MeToo mental gymnastics will end it either.

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  • April 7, 2020 at 11:00 am

    Expecting truth from Hollywood celebrities is like bobbing for apples in a septic tank.

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