Alyssa turns her phony olive branch into a cudgel

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Just a day after extending a phony olive branch to Trump supporters, Alyssa Milano began wielding it like a cudgel.

Alyssa turns her phony olive branch into a cudgel

What a difference a day makes.

From this:

To that in no time flat.

Alyssa’s phony olive branch had the shelf life of rotting fish.

The difference in tone between that “Let’s be part of the solution” phony olive branch tweet and this Mike Flynn tweet is striking, isn’t it?

But this tweet, not the phony olive branch one, is Alyssa Milano’s true sentiment.

When you have so much hate in your heart, you can only disguise it for so long. Eventually your true feelings ooze out like decomposing rot.

As I said yesterday, Alyssa’s phony olive branch was a defensive move, nothing more.

She knows that the Democrats and the ResistanceLOL went too far in opposing Trump.

She knows the tactics they used, the slanders they committed, and the lives they sought to destroy would lead to inevitable pushback.

And while Alyssa can dish it out, she has no interest in being on the receiving end.

So she deploys her “move #ForwardTogether” phony olive branch as a way to head off any well-deserved payback.

And when nobody fell for it, Alyssa reverted back to form in no time flat.

There’s something disgusting about seeing a Z-list celebrity who’s contributed nothing to our civic life calling a decorated war hero unjustly targeted by a corrupt Obama Administration and FBI an “asshole.”

But that’s Alyssa Milano. This is how she really feels. She truly believes that she is more virtuous, heroic and noble than even General Mike Flynn.

But it isn’t just General Flynn. This is how Alyssa feels about every single Trump supporter.

We are all assholes to her. And for the last four years, this gormless twat hasn’t tried to disguise her loathing for us. Which is precisely why nobody with half a brain took her phony olive branch seriously.

If Alyssa Milano had been sincere about wanting to “heal the nation” and extend an olive branch, she would have taken the opportunity of Mike Flynn’s pardon to rise above the vicious ResistanceLOL rhetoric.

But she wasn’t sincere.

And that olive branch was as phony as Alyssa Milano herself.

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2 thoughts on “Alyssa turns her phony olive branch into a cudgel

  • November 26, 2020 at 10:24 am

    I for one welcome her olive branch. It’s not a willow branch but it will do to thrash her in a hot, steamy sauna. Face it, that’s all she would be good for, but her expiration date is approaching fast.

  • November 26, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    Alyssa you little whore, you liked it well enough when you got to be the whipper and not the whippee. You didn’t think all that horseshit you tossed around at the Kavanaugh hearings would ever be paid for out of your exalted hide? So babe, bend over and grab em you slut!!!!

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