America is not a Racist Country and the Left knows it

America is not a Racist Country and the Left knows it

During his Republican response to non-entity Biden’s speech, Senator Tim Scott said America is not a racist country, and the Marxist Left lost its mind.

In fact, many of them actually thought it was the height of hypocrisy for Senator Scott to say that while at the same time saying he’s been called racist names.

Toure Tweet America is not a racist country

Well, slap! You really nailed him, genius. Individuals can be racist therefore America is a racist country. What glittering brilliance! Though, where I come from that’s called a “logical fallacy.”

Redsteeze Tweet America is not a racist country

Sure, the hashtag #UncleTim was trending during Tim Scott’s speech because “anti-racists” on the Left were being racist against Tim Scott. Sure, a bunch of “anti-racist” Leftists on Twitter were calling Scott a “house nigger” and “Uncle Tom.”

Oh, and let’s not forget “race traitor.”

Bigot Sheryl

There are racist assholes to be sure. But America is not a racist country.

jtLOL America is not a racist country

And the fact is, even these “anti-racist” Marxists know America is not a racist country.

They know it’s a lie.

But the so-called “anti-racist” Left is so thoroughly invested in creating this myth that America is a racist country, it is willing to jettison critical thinking, reason, logic and truth in order to do it.

As a result, many Americans have become so parochial – so provincial. They have no concept of the world at large. They are about as worldly-wise as an isolated tribe on some Pacific island.

We live in an age when information is literally at our fingertips. But so many Americans, despite having access to a wealth of information, are dumber and far less knowledgeable than Americans of the eighteenth century.

They aren’t “progressives;” they are regressives.

And that’s by design.

The Marxist Left’s control of education has served its purpose.

Thanks to the Marxist Left, there are people in America today who believe slavery was a unique innovation dreamt up by the American colonists. That nobody ever enslaved other people until “1619.”

But slavery has been around for all of world history. From ancient Egypt to the Babylonians to the Macedonians to the Romans to the slave markets of present-day Libya and the Uighur slave camps of present-day China.

There are people in America today who think the conquest of the American continent and the conquering of “indigenous peoples” was uniquely American. As if no other nation in the history of the world conquered anyone else.

But, as I’ve said before, there aren’t Roman ruins in England because some third century Briton ordered them on Ebay.

Great Britain is considered an Anglo-Saxon country. But the Engles and the Saxons came from Northern Germany. They conquered the Britons in the fifth century after the Romans gave up on conquering the Britons.

From Mongolia to Northern Africa to Western Europe, conquest is the story of the world. It always was and it always will be.

Even as I write this the Marxist Left is angling to conquer the United States. And what better way to do that than to divide us. The phrase “divide and conquer” exists for a reason, you know.

This is the objective in claiming that America is a racist country. It is so much easier to conquer a people when you first demonize, divide and demoralize them.

It also helps to disarm them.

JK Tweets on Tim Scott

Their problem Marxists have with the United States of America isn’t that it’s a racist country. They really wouldn’t care if it was.

Their problem is they haven’t yet succeeded in demoralizing and dividing us enough to sufficiently conquer us.

This is why they are using the electionLOL of Joe Biden to advance racial hatred from the very seat of Government. What better way to hasten the divide than by getting every Federal agency involved in the division?

This is why they are turning a foolish and idiotic melee at the Capitol into, as Joe Biden laughingly called it last night, “the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War.”

The anti-American Marxists want to subjugate the American people.

And unless we get very serious about the threat they pose, they will succeed.

You don’t stop them by working on “bipartisan” police reform bills.

You don’t stop them by extending the fist of bump of friendship.

Cheney surrenders

And, honestly, you don’t stop them by defensively arguing that America is not a racist country. They already know that and they don’t care.

To stop them, we have to acknowledge that Marxists are an existential threat to our nation.

We need to unite together under the banner of Liberty. Or, as Jesse Kelly puts it, “Balkanize.”

JK Tweet Balkanize
JK Tweet tactical retreat

We need to crush these bastards. Because if we don’t, they will most certainly crush us.

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  • April 29, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    Don’t forget what happened to Leon Trotsky. He helped bring the commies to power in Russia. Eventually he was expelled and ended up with an ice axe in his brain, his assassination ordered by Stalin. Once you are viewed as a potential rival or threat then you are sent to exile in a gulag or an assassination squad is sent after you. That’s the way it always is (I’d bet if her Highness Nancy Pelosi could get away with it she’d do the same to AOC).

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