And you thought Nancy Pelosi was dumb

At the Women in the World Summit in New York, a reporter sat down with New York Senator Kirsten “Take Back the Night” Gillibrand and asked her this question:

“And just … um… on this topic. One last question. Cuz I have to ask in terms of the exposés and the articles and … you know … Rolling Stone … is … what’s your opinion … all that coverage … is it helping … is it hurting … just speak to that.”

Let me translate that question into English: “Are all the phony rape hoax stories like the one from Rolling Stone helping or hurting Gillibrand’s advocacy for rape victims?”

Here’s the exchange:

If you don’t want to suffer through Kirsten’s response, I have taken the bullet and transcribed it:

“Well I hope it’s just putting more of a spotlight on the problem. I hope it’s not undermining our advocacy. Because this is important. These are the lives of women and men … young lives that are being destroyed and ruined …uh … because there is no justice if you are a survivor of rape. Uh …whether it’s the criminal justice system or whether it’s campus education process. And it’s very problematic when we are not valuing our daughters and we are not valuing our sons … uh … when these incidents happen. Uh … we have to hold perpetrators accountable and … and … the other misconception of rape is perpetrators tend to be recidivists … they do this over and over again. They’re targeting their victims in advance. They are predators. These are premeditated crimes not [air quotes] hormones or [air quotes] the hook-up culture or dates gone badly. These are predators who choose their victim in advance, use drugs and alcohol as weapons, and then will commit their crimes in a predetermined location under a circumstance they’ve all planned out. Um… so we have to … uh … hold these perpetrators accountable. And justice has to be possible for them… for the survivor.”

And you thought Nancy Pelosi was dumb.

First of all. “I hope it’s just putting more of a spotlight on the problem?”

Honey, the only problem in the spotlight is the Enslaved Press falling for phony story after phony story because they are so desperate to perpetrate the idea that colleges have a rape culture. In December, The Daily Caller cited eight hoax rape stories on college campuses in addition to the one Rolling Stone got caught for.

It is a valid question worthy of an answer, Kirsten. When you are trying to shine a spotlight on a “culture of rape” on college campuses, it does not help things that the stories that make the news turn out to be hoaxes. If the entire “culture of rape” is based on hoaxes, that goes to the credibility of your argument.

So, the answer I would have given, had I been Kirsten “Take Back the Night” Gillibrand is, “It hurts it.”

And another thing.

“…the other misconception of rape is perpetrators tend to be recidivists … they do this over and over again.”


Tell me you aren’t interpreting that as Kirsten Gillibrand claiming that it’s a misconception that rapists are recidivists.

Because that’s how I interpret it.

If it is a misconception that perpetrators tend to be recidivists, then they are NOT doing it over and over again.

A misconception means we perceive something to be true that isn’t.

But many rapists are repeat offenders. So it is not a misconception that rapists are recidivists.

Does she not know what “misconception” means?


She obviously doesn’t know what a hoax is.

And what precisely does she mean that there is no justice for rape victims?

Are there not rape laws? Are there not stiffer penalties for repeat offenders?

What exactly is this United States Senator advocating for?

Is rape not already a crime in New York State? Okay, maybe it isn’t in Chappaqua, but only at the Clinton house.

This is as stupid as advocating for equal pay for women, despite the fact that the Equal Pay Act was signed into law over fifty years ago.

Gillibrand speaks about rape as if nobody on Planet Earth has ever heard the word before. Okay, I’ll grant you, the throwbacks in Muslim countries don’t grasp the concept of sexual assault. Because what we call rape, they call “date night.”

But the American People are not clueless about the vile and disgusting crime of sexual assault. We know the harm that it does, not only physically, but emotionally. So why are we getting lectured by Kirsten Gillibrand as if we all think rape is a-okay?

And, going back to my original question.

How can you possibly think that perpetrated hoaxes will put more of a spotlight on the problem when it does exactly the opposite?

Rape hoaxes victimize wrongly accused men.

But they also victimize actual, honest-to-goodness victims of rape all over again by trivializing what they are going through for the sake of a headline.

It doesn’t help, Kirsten. It hurts. It hurts the victims. You know. The women you’re supposed to be advocating for.

Then again, maybe you’re just not bright enough to grasp that.

Honestly. I am getting so sick and tired of Liberal women.

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  • April 28, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks for taking the bullet on this one, Dianny. I really, REALLY didn’t want to sit through that question or that answer. 🙂

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